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Candy Review: Wheels and Pontefract Cakes

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Pontefract Cakes

Today was a good day for the licorice lovers in my house. Of course, there’s only one licorice lover here, so I guess it was simply a good day for ME! Today not only did I receive yet another package full of licorice, but I also got February’s selections of the Licorice of the Month Club.

This month we got to enjoy Wheels by Haribo and Pontefract Cakes from England. I was intrigued by the Cakes, not knowing the origin of the name. It sounded kind of holy and church-ish, so I quickly googled it and discovered that Pontefract is actually a town in England where these sweets are produced. They are also made by Haribo, as evidenced by the imprint on each cake (one other company produces licorice candy in the town), and consist of black wafers about the diameter of a quarter. They are quite good, with a definite flavor of molasses and licorice. They fall quite clearly into the category of sweet licorice, and I found it difficult to stop eating them. Delicious!

Haribo Wheels

Next were Wheels by Haribo. These are flat ropes of black licorice that are coiled into half-dollar size wheels. I found these difficult to bite into, and ended up unrolling a section to bite off and chew. This was somewhat time consuming, and I thought they were just a touch too firm for me. Still, the flavor was good, with a more subdued sweetness than the Cakes.

As extra treats this month we received Kookaburra Natural Black and Kookaburra Natural Raspberry licorices. The black was lovely, very soft with a nice, sweet flavor. The raspberry was a bit harder, and didn’t appeal to me as much. It was very sweet, and the raspberry flavor was nearly overwhelming. Still, they were nice extras to enjoy.

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