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Name That Candy: Pineapple Knight’s Jousting Weapon Lollipop

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Question Marks

Recently, we had another reader who was stumped about a candy she remembered and came to us to help figure it out. Here is what Rosario said:

Can’t find this lollipop. It has three flavors the largest flavor was pineapple,then sour apple and the smallest amount of cherry. and it was cone shaped.

Ok, that’s not a lot to go on so I interrogated her and got this in the next email and then it was clear what she remembered:

  • Approximate year you had the candy?1988-91
  • Was the candy purchased individually or in a pack/bag of multiples? individually
  • What was the wrapping like? Colors? Designs? Paper? Foil? etc…… i think that it may be clear wrapping, plastic.
  • What was the size of the candy? Individual pieces? a bar? etc. If i remember right it was about as long as a regular size snicker bar, and the circumference of the end with the paper stick was about the size of a quarter, the other end was smaller then a pencil’s erasers. It was shaped like like a knights jousting weapon.
  • The the main flavor was pineapple, then something green and down by the paper stick it was red.

Has anyone else figured it out?

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Candy Review: Sweet Candy taffy

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 Sweet Candy taffy

I grew up near the East coast and made my fair share of trips to the beach as a youngster. One of my favorite spots was a local and popular restaurant, the Sanitary Fish Market. What could possibly make a kid actually request to go to a seafood restaurant? Salt water taffy can. Oh, the joy of sticky, sweet goodness. Sure, we were able to watch taffy being made at the State Fair, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the taffy from Sanitary Fish Market. That was the best taffy my 14 year-old self had ever had.

I grew out of taffy as an adult… or so I had thought.

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Candy Review: Life Savers Gummies Island Fruits

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Life Savers Gummies Island Fruits

Everyone knows a Life Saver – the sweet, minty or fruity hard candy with the candy-with-the-hole shape. I’m no Life Savers connoisseur, but I do enjoy them. I like being able to pop one in my mouth for ten minutes of flavor enjoyment. I’m a Life Savers sucker – not a muncher.

I recently tried a different type of Life Saver, one that you almost have to chew, one that is completely different from the Life Savers I grew up loving. These are Life Savers Gummies – the gummy worm version of this iconic American candy gone modern.

What can I say about gummy candy? It’s… gummy. Beyond that, I’ll refrain from giving my personal opinion of candy gumminess. You know if you like gummies or not. Your opinion is the only one that matters since I’m not coming over to eat candy with you. (Unless you’ll be sharing some See’s Chocolate.)

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Candy Review: Brach’s Classic Jelly Bird Eggs

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Brach's Classic Jelly Bird Eggs Bag

photos in this post by Anthemic Tangle

I’m back for Part V of my jelly bean adventure. For some reason Brach’s calls their jelly beans “Classic Jelly Bird Eggs,” but to me they are jelly beans!

When I think of the jelly beans I ate as a kid, the Brach’s jelly beans are what I remember. In terms of flavor, these jelly beans are similar to the Necco jelly beans I reviewed a while back. If you’re looking for super sweet, chewy jelly beans, look no further. Don’t expect any tartness or realistic flavors – these jelly beans are all about the sugar. They’re artificially flavored, sugary goodness in all its glory.

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Candy Review: Trolli Tropic-Os

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Trolli Tropic-O

I’ve been jonesing for something gummi for a while now. But I found myself unwilling to satisfy my cravings with something I had already consumed. I wanted something familiar, but new.

Such a specific guideline for candy purchase can be difficult, but it didn’t take me long to spot a promising candidate in the candy aisle of my local H.E.B: Trolli Tropic-Os. I am familiar with all the various flavors of these ring-shaped candies, i.e., peach, apple, watermelon, etc… but I hadn’t ever tried this tropical variety.

The bag didn’t reveal which flavor the rings were, but there was an image of a toucan perching on some pineapple, strawberries, coconut, and bananas, so I assumed that the flavors in the bag were going to be matches for those fruits.

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