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Candy Review: U Oughtta Be On Chocolates

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U Oughtta be on Chocolates

What’s better than chocolate? My face on chocolate! Or your Grandma, favorite pet, or company logo on chocolate. U Ougghta be on Chocolates is just the company to make that happen. The nice folks who run the company took a few of my cherished photos and presto magic- they’re now 100% edible! They look great -even better than in my photos here- and made a great impression with my extended family who was delighted by it. We talked about how my Grandma never would have imagined she’d ever see herself on a chocolate one day. I think I was the favorite grand-kid that day! Grandma on chocolate

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Candy Design Anomalies: Gummi Lighthouses

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Gummy Bears

If you knew me in real life, you would know that very little shocks me. I’m one of those people who finds things like comic strips and stand up comedians funny, but rarely laughs out loud. Every once in a while, though, something comes along which makes me not only laugh, but laugh long and loud enough to justify sharing it with my friends. In this case, as the cause of my endless laughing was a candy, I felt compelled to share it with the wider Candy Addicted world.

I am, of course, talking about gummi lighthouses.

The thing that perplexes me, of course, is that I have no idea why anybody would think about making a gummi lighthouse in the first place. The whole gummi animal thing makes sense to me – fish and bears and little tiny people are kinda cute. Gummi fruit is a total no-brainer – because it makes logical sense to make a candy look like the flavor of fruit it is. Random shapes like rings and squares and soda bottles also make sense. Lighthouses? Yeah. Not so much.

One wonders if this is some sort of subliminal message. (You’ll have to click on the link below to see what I mean.)

For the purposes of not harming small children in the making of this article, a photo of the actual product can be found at this link:

(Thanks to Bob at for the tip – no pun intended)

Photoshop: Candy For Thought

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Smores Technology

Over at they recently had a photoshop contest called Food For Thought:

The rules of this game are thus: You may use any picture you can think of, but there must be an organic food somewhere in the photo and it must be in lieu of an item that one would normally expect to see.

Despite candy not being exactly organic, there are a surprising number of candy entries. Here are all the candy entries I found:

[via BoingBoing]

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