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Gum Review: Glee Gum Peppermint

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Glee Gum

Glee Gum is “all natural gum made with rainforest chicle.” Chicle, I learned, is the original “gum” part of chewing gum, no longer used by large-scale commercial gum makers because – you guessed it – a cheaper synthetic substitute was developed. Glee Gum’s site has an excellent FAQ with lots of information about chicle and its benefits to gum chewers, workers, and rain forests, but how’s the gum taste?

The nifty retro-styled, business-card-sized box contains eighteen pieces of gum about the size of Chiclets. (Hmmm, interesting name… Chief Candy Addict Brian noted this a few years back in a history of chewing gum). Glee Gum peppermint has a nice minty flavor on the first bite, and the gum texture is exactly what you’d expect: kinda rubbery, like any other gum. I like the peppermint flavor of this gum because it actually reminds me of the plant, but this gum loses its flavor fast. Nearly all taste is gone in under three minutes. Good thing there’s seventeen more pieces.

I don’t know about provoking any glee, but this gum is nice if you want a fresh-tasting natural gum without a bunch of artificial gunk in the way of the flavor, or in your body. Glee Gum also comes in Spearmint, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Triple Berry and Bubblegum, and the company is open to your new flavor suggestions on their site.

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Candy Review: Great Bite Mints and Sours

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Great Bites Mint Tins
It’s not easy to find innovation in mints nowadays. How many different round mints in rectangular tins can the market sustain, really? That’s why I was so pleased to stumble on the “Great Bite” product line. They have some of the coolest packaging and product shapes I’ve come across in a while. The tins, the round sour packs, the Tic-Tac-like packs – all have a “bite” taken out of them and so do the candies themselves.

The mint tins are your typical Altoids tin shape and size, but the top left portion of the tin is bitten off. Each mint inside is about the size of a Life Saver (with no hole) and a portion of the mint is bitten off too. This theme continues across the whole product line. The mints (and tins) come in peppermint, spearmint, and orange and all taste great except the peppermint – it has a strong licorice taste to it that even my seven year old daughter picked up on (which isn’t good if you dislike the flavor of licorice). The orange was especially tasty and hits you immediately with a strong orange kick.

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Gum Review: Epic Gum

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Epic Gum

When I opened a package addressed to me at Candy Addict, I expected the usual assortment of sugary treats sent by most candy manufacturers. Instead, a bright blue box with the words “Cavity-Free Kit” shone up at me. I wondered if the delivery was my dentist’s idea of a joke. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want rotten teeth, and have only had one cavity in my entire life (in a baby tooth!) – but as a lover of sugar, I was hoping for a box of sweet stuff.

Curiosity was definitely beginning to overtake disappointment, so I opened the box to find out exactly what a Cavity-Free Kit really is. Inside, I found boxes of gum and mints, a tube of toothpaste, and a bottle of mouthwash. Directions were included with the kit, and after poking through all the boxes to check out the gum and mint flavors, I read about Epic’s ideas for a healthy mouth. Apparently, the sweetener xylitol is key.

Problem number one that I have with Epic is that the directions for obtaining a healthy mouth include using Epic products six times per day. Yes, six. The manufacturer stresses that you can choose the combination of products to add up to six, but I don’t like requirements on my gum and candy. I do, however, love sugar-free gum, especially in pellet form, and was quite excited to give the four flavors a try.

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Candy Review: Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

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Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

I love it when I go shopping for one thing and end up finding something else instead. That’s what happened when I went holiday shopping the other day. I went in looking for a certain gift and ended up walking out with a box of the new Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch. Isn’t the box pretty? I love how festive it is!

Junior Mints and I have a sordid history. As a kid I’d only really have them at Halloween since they weren’t something I’d ask for. Each year when I’d give them a try, I knew why. I was never a big fan of mint and chocolate (although I’m warming up to it now) and they’d always end up in the trash.

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Candy Review: X-it Sugar-free Gum, Mints, and Bonbons

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X-it Sugarfree Gum Peppermint

If I’ve learned anything about gum recently it’s this: gum isn’t just for chewing anymore. No, nowadays it freshens your breath, entertains your taste buds, even sends caffeine coursing through your system. X-it Sugarfree is no exception. In addition to X-it Sugarfree Gum, I also received several different types of mints and bonbons. I have enough gum and mints to keep my breath fresh for a decade.

What’s my favorite thing about these X-it products? Honestly, its the packaging. Each product comes in an attractive tin that tucks easily into your purse or pocket, guarding the lining against spillage. Even better, the tiny mints come in tins with black plastic lining that dispenses a couple at a time – even more protection against spillage!

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