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Candy Review: Chuao Chocolates Dark Chocolate Assortment

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Chuao Chocolates box
I have been a fan of Chuao for a while, but the shipping charge to get their product to the East Coast is fairly mind-boggling. Fortunately, I have a friend in Southern California who couldn’t think of anything else to buy me for Christmas.

You’ve read about Chuao here before, but these folks don’t rest on their laurels, and are always coming up with new fillings. The little flier that comes with the box of chocolate asserts that they are “unusual” and “unexpected,” and I am interested in pushing the boundaries of the usual bonbon fillings. I was afraid, though, that they’d gone a little too far with a couple of these. One of them turned out to actually be OK, but the other – well, I will leave that for the end, because a little suspense is a good thing, right?

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Gum Review: Wrigley’s Gums (New and Improved?) Mini Roundup

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Wrigley Logo + Mars Logo

New Improved Flavor! Companies everywhere seem to think that changing their products will increase sales. From the “new” Coke to putting purple horseshoes in Lucky Charms, big businesses love to change. And doesn’t it seem that the best tasting treats get changed the fastest?

In the late spring of 2008, the 117 year old Wrigley company – best known for its gum – was purchased for $23 billion by Mars, Incorporated. Mars is well known for making candy (such as M&Ms, Snickers, and Starburst) but also markets rice, coffee, and pet food.

Since acquiring Wrigley, Mars has made quite a few changes. Doing away with the traditional five-sticks-per-pack narrow rectangular package, they now offer Wrigley’s gum in a Slim Packâ„¢ – a larger rectangle that now contains 15 sticks. Anyone could live with the new package, but the new “improved” flavor? Well, let’s just say I wish I’d stocked up on gum prior to the Mars acquisition.

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Retro Candy Flashback: York Peppermint Pattie

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York Peppermint Pattie Wrapped

When I bite into a York Peppermint Pattie, I get the sensation of driving a team of sled dogs through the Alaskan wilderness in the Iditarod. Do you remember those commercials?

I bought a Hershey York Peppermint Pattie a few weeks ago and was immediately accosted by my family: “Can I have a piece?” “When can we eat that?” What!? This bit of chocolate bliss has a diameter of about 2.5″ and you want us to split it four ways? Alas, when you’re part of a Candy Addict family, you have to share.

The Peppermint Pattie, as you may know, is a disc of peppermint-flavored sugar covered in a thin layer of chocolate. When I finally got to eat my fourth of the Peppermint Pattie in peace, the strong peppermint flavor filled my mouth. It’s a very refreshing flavor, a “zing” if you will. I personally don’t like those hard peppermints that you find in old ladies’ candy bowls, but York has basically perfected soft peppermint.

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Candy Art: An Interview with Vanessa St. Laurent

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Peppermints by Vanessa St Laurent

Peppermints by Vanessa St. Laurent

When I first saw some of Vanessa St. Laurent’s artwork, I started to drool. I mean my mouth literally began to water. You see, Vanessa paints pictures of candy. Her work ranges from really fun to surprisingly provocative. I had no idea you could use candy to express such a variety of emotions. I decided to talk with the artist herself to see what she had to say.

Cadence: Why candy art? How did you get started on this path?

Vanessa: I paint candy because I love it. I have been a Candy Addict since I was old enough to taste. I started painting candy in 2005 when I had to choose a single subject that would serve as a source of inspiration for an entire year. I switched topics several times before deciding that the only thing I never seem to get enough of or get tired of is candy. Three years later candy still serves as an endless source of inspiration for me.

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Candy Review: VE2 Energy Gum

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VE2 Energy Gum

One of the treats I got from the All Candy Expo was this pack of VE2 energy gum. It’s candy with a conscience – the packaging is very minimalist and it says, “To save trees & make less trash this package avoids using a paper sleeve wrap.” I love the idea that a medium which traditionally relies on packaging for impact can be promoted in a environmentally friendly way.

Developed over a period of 2 years by an ER doc, one packet of VE2 is equal to five cups of coffee. The press about VE2 claims that you can absorb caffeine through your oral membranes faster than via digestion – so in theory VE2 gives you a quicker energy hit than your usual energy drinks. I’m one of those people who can drink a can of coke or a espresso before bed and still fall asleep with no problem, so I viewed this gum review as a bit of an experiment.

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