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Candy Review: Oral Fixation Peppermint Mocha Mints

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Oral fixation Peppermint Mocha

My go-to dictionary, the Canadian Oxford, defines “oral,” in part, as “of or concerning a supposed stage of… (infant) development in which the mouth is of central interest.” If this is the case, it would seem that many of us who write for this site never really outgrew the infant stage of development – we’ve never stopped trying to find as many interesting (and hopefully delicious) things to put in our mouths as possible. And apparently, neither have the good folks at Oral Fixation, who continue to provide us with new and increasingly unique flavors of their signature mints.

With flavors like chai, herbal jasmine, and mojito, Oral Fixation keeps pushing the envelope. The lineup has recently been joined by this new Peppermint Mocha flavor, which Oral Fixation’s website describes as providing “the caffeine jolt of a chocolate-covered espresso bean cut with cooling natural mint oil.”

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Candy Review: Lollipop Labs Lollipops

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Lollipop Labs Logo

I had the pleasure of reviewing some of Lollipop Labs unusual lollipops this weekend. Given that they have flavors like “Dirty Martini” and “Earl Grey,” I would recommend these lollies more for the discerning Candy Addict than for, say, your five year old.

A couple of general notes: these lollipops don’t have a lot of scent when you open them, but don’t let that fool you. As soon as you lick them you get plenty of flavor. I thought one of the coolest things about them was the way the flavor nuances change as you eat them. Sometimes you’ll get more of one herb than another as you go, while still enjoying the overall main flavor of the lollipop. Neat! Plus, I love that I recognize and can pronounce every ingredient on the labels.

One more thing: if you don’t see a flavor below that appeals to you, Lollipop Labs will custom design the flavor and shape of their lollipops to your specifications. How cool is that?

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Gum Review: Orbit Mist

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Gum,Mint Candy,New Candy,Sour Candy,Sugar-free Candy

Orbit Mist Gum

Orbit Mist is a new line of gum from The Wrigley Company. It’s touted as a premium gum and contains little crystals – called Micro-Bursts – that the Orbit website says will “deliver a hydrating sensation to consumers.”

Now I can only assume that it means “to consumers who purchase and chew Orbit Mist.” When I first read the description, I had a vision of Orbit Mist boxes shooting “hydrating sensation beams” at random consumers in the grocery store. “Hello, ma’am, welcome to Food Land. How are you?”

“I’m good, tha-” (*Hydrating sensation beam fires.*) “Ohhh, I suddenly feel so… moistly healthy…”

Oh, ah-hem, I’m supposed to be writing a review. Sorry…

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Candy Review: 100 Calorie Bars Part 4 – York Peppermint Wafer Bar

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Chocolate Candy

100 Calorie Bar Logo

It’s time for the final installment in our attempt to discover delicious diet-friendly candy. All in all, I’d say we’ve been pretty successful. We’ve discovered these three candies so far:

On the ballot today is the York Peppermint Wafer Bar. Will it be a flip or a flop? (I don’t know how ‘flip’ applies. That’s just what came out.) The York Peppermint Pattie is a classic combination of dark chocolate and soft peppermint. Can the 100 Calorie version compare to the classic taste? Let’s find out.

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Candy Review: Schooner Pete’s Peppermint Taffy

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Schooner Pete’s Peppermint Taffy

As I strolled down the River Walk of San Antonio, I had some unexpected surprises. It began when I bumped into a teacher from my high school days, an oddity since we are both Californians. The second was a surprise of the tastier variety.

Popping into one of the candy shops along the river, I found a collection of Schooner Pete’s Salt Water Taffy. Like my former American Government teacher, this taffy was a rare find in Texas, much less San Antonio, since it’s manufactured in Oregon, and I don’t usually find stores that stock it outside that region.

Because it was around Christmas when this all occurred, I purchased a bag of the peppermint taffy. I figured I hadn’t gotten around to consuming all that much peppermint this time of year in my attempt to try out different types of candy canes.

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