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Candy Review: Chocolate Mousse Peeps

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Chocolate Mousse Peeps

It’s no secret I like Peeps. In fact, I think they’re close to candy perfection – sugary marshmallow interior plus granulated sugar exterior… how can one go wrong? It goes without saying that when I saw the Just Born booth at the All Candy Expo I made sure to make a pilgrimage into those hallowed environs.

When I arrived at the booth, I saw something that intrigued me – brown squares which looked quite marshmallow-y yet carried a distinctive brown hue. What was this? Something new? I had to know!

I was served one of the brown squares on a napkin, took a bite, and was immediately transported to another dimension of yumminess. Oh. My. God. These were so good! Unbelievably soft, full of chocolate flavor… I had to have more! I immediately asked if they had any samples to take home, and was presented with a coveted pre-release package of brown bear shaped marshmallow goodness.

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Peep These Pics – Pronto!

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Anna Nicole, the Peep
Seems like Easter’s never gonna get here, doesn’t it, Candy Addicts? I mean, how long do we have to gaze longingly at the rows and rows of pastel sugary goodness in the aisles of the supermarket before we get to wake up to find a basket of our very own?

For a quick, sugary burst of instant gratification, you simply must check out the expertly curated collection of Peeps dioramas over at We’ve long enjoyed the candy-related content Asylum offers (the other stuff is pretty good too, but who wants to read anything that’s not about candy, hmmm?), but this recent article earns them the status of Candy Darlings, no question. Collected therein are photos of Peeps in all kinds of crazy situations: Lord of the Peeps, Sgt. Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Peep Jousting, Peep Brulee, and my personal fave, Peep Show.

If Asylum’s gallery of Peeps pics is just enough to cruelly tantalize you, don’t forget to check out Washington Post’s Peeps diorama contest. And if, after all that, you’re still craving a Peeps fix, relax. Peter Cottontail’s coming to make a marshmallow deposit any day now…

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Easter Candy Review: Peeps Orange Creme Flavored Eggs

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Peeps Orange Creme Eggs

It seems I may be one of the few people in the world who actually likes Just Born’s Peeps. I mean, sure, most Candy Addicts will pop a few at Easter just to say they did, but come on, who would really eat more than two?


That’s right, I’m here to admit that I’m addicted to Peeps. Yellow, purple, hearts or chicks, I love the sugar covered marshmallow goodness. Imagine my joy, then, when I found a brand new (to me, at least) variety to try this Easter season: Orange Creme Eggs! Ooh, I wonder how they taste…

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Christmas, Easter, Marshmallow Peeps, and Me

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Peppermint Peeps

Today we present another article from a Candy Addict reader. This one is from a reader named Monica:

Whilst on an emergency Listerine run to CVS today (which I hate to do because it costs, like, twice as much as Target but hey, a self-proclaimed Candy Addict’s gotta take care of her pearly whites – oral care is no joking matter, my friend), I somehow managed to find myself – gingivitis’s enemy in arm – wandering down the Christmas aisle, looking for a holiday treat.

Scanning the shelves, I weighed my seasonal options: Chocolate snowman? Boring. Reese’s Christmas tree? York snowflake? I do love candy with a festive shape, but not today. Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses? Intriguing… Gingerbread Man Marshmallow Peeps? Sacrilege! Oh the fury! The rage! The adorable, delicious rage!

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Candy Review: Peppermint Peeps

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Peppermint Peeps
Having a popular candy blog does have its rewards. One of them is unexpected free candy in the mail. Today I came home to a package from Just Born, makers of Peeps. Inside was a package of brand new Peppermint Peeps, coming soon for the Christmas holidays.

I have to be honest though – I have never been a big fan of Peeps. I don’t hate them, and can eat them if I must, but they aren’t something I’d ever buy for myself to eat. They’re just not really my thing. I’m also not crazy about candy cane peppermint flavor either. If I buy something minty, I usually go for wintergreen or spearmint. So I wasn’t sure about the Peppermint Peeps.

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