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Candy Review: Goodart’s Peanut Pattie

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Goodart’s Peanut Pattie

There are certain things indigenous to an area that non-natives are bewildered by but which the locals view as an every day occurrence. Kinda like if you were to visit Australia and saw a Kangaroo running across the road… you would probably be rather enthralled while an Antipodean would treat it as you might treat a deer.

The candy equivalent of this for me is a confection known as the peanut pattie. I never knew such things existed before my move to Texas. Since moving to the Lone Star state, I see them everywhere. Gas stations. Drug Stores. Vending Machines. It’s so prevalent that it’s not even limited to one distributor, as several varieties have caught my eye.

Unsure of which brand to purchase, I went with Goodart’s Peanut Pattie. My logic was the following: there’s a female peanut mascot on the wrapper lifting weights. What does that have to do with good candy? Probably nothing, but I couldn’t resist hilarious thoughts of Mr. Peanut trying to ask this character out if he saw her at the gym, and I bought the candy purely because of successful advertising.

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