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Candy Review: Paul Pape Chocomiis

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Paul Pape Chocomiis

Last year we brought you news of Paul Pape’s adorable Valentine Chocolate Miis. This year we got the pleasure of reviewing some of the early just-off-the-press samples!

There have been some design changes since last year – apparently, some of the Miis didn’t arrive in great shape, so now they’re on a slab of chocolate to help them stay in one piece. The heart, which last year was a red hot, is now a smaller sugar heart (yay – I hate red hots!). Of course, to a Candy Addict, the most important thing is that they’re still 2 solid ounces of gourmet milk, dark, or white chocolate.

The box is designed to look like the popular Wii game console; in fact, it looks so eerily similar, I’m thinking of sticking it under my TV so all my friends think I have one. Oh, wait, people would actually have to come to my apartment for that to work. OK, I’ll stick it under there so I think I have one.

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