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Candy Review: Vermont Nut Free Maple Cremes

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Nut Free Maple CremesAs a resident of the state of Vermont, I can tell you one thing: people up here love their maple candies. If you walk down Main Street in my town, you’ll see maple sugar candies in several shop windows, a small piece of Vermont for locals and tourists alike to celebrate and enjoy. I felt like a bit of a traitor when I moved up here and saw the amount of pride Vermonters take in their maple sugar goodness; I’ve never been a maple candy fan, often finding it a bit too sweet and chalky for my tastes. However, I’ve finally found a maple candy that makes me proud to be a Vermonter: delicious Maple Creme chocolates from the Vermont Nut Free company.

They came to me via my boyfriend, who was given a box by a friend as a thank-you gift. Like any extreme Candy Addict, the small box of chocolates was the first thing I noticed when my boyfriend walked through the door. “What’s in the box?” I asked, trying to use my non-existent X-Ray vision to determine what lovely sweets he was carrying, “What’s in it!? What is it?? Is it chocolate!? Can I have one?!”

My boyfriend then opened the box to display a row of maple leaf shaped chocolates. “They’re so pretty,” I exclaimed, before realizing that the maple leaves were no decoration: “Ugh, they’re maple, aren’t they.” However, I am not one to turn down a chocolate, and so I decided to give the nut-free maple cremes a try. I’m SO glad I did: they are absolutely delicious.

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