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Candy Review: Cadbury Moments

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Cadbury Moments

There’s a definite trend right now towards small but rich chocolate candies that are packaged to appeal to women and marketed as little indulgences that won’t break your diet. Cadbury has officially entered the arena with Moments, which are essentially two-bite truffles in bar form. With Moments, Cadbury seems to be aiming for the same upscale demographic as Dove and Hershey’s Bliss. And like Dove and Bliss, they don’t come cheap – I paid $3.50 CAN for the pack. That’ll buy you a bar from some pretty upscale chocolate companies. So how does this higher-end product from a lower-end candy company stand up?

First, the specs: Moments consist of little sticks about the size of a fun-sized Kit Kat, tucked into a cardboard “envelope” that opens from one long side, like a box of cigarettes. (Hmm, somehow I doubt that’s what Cadbury was going for with this product.) Each stick has only 70 calories, which puts it well within range of that whole 100 calorie thing that’s so big right now.

Of the three flavors on the store shelf, I selected Deliciously Dark, the other two being milk chocolate and praline (the hazelnut kind, not the toffee kind.) Under the wrapper, the bars consist of two little segments, attached end to end, and they sure don’t look very dark to me – it seems that only the truffle filling is dark chocolate, which was kind of a letdown to a dark chocolate junkie like myself.

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