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Candy Showdown: Cadbury Mini Eggs vs. M&M’s

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M&M's vs. Cadbury: Who Will Prevail?
In these turbulent times, not everyone has the time or inclination to contemplate the meaningful questions in life. There are just some questions that may be so complex, the average person just doesn’t want to take the time and form his own fundamental beliefs. We here at Candy Addict understand this, though, and so we’re going to lay it all out for you, and make these tough personal choices possible. Which is better: Cadbury Mini Eggs or M&M’s? Some may shy away from delving into this potentially explosive topic, but Candy Addict is not afraid. After all, to paraphrase the famous candy philosopher, Socrates, “The unexamined candy is not worth eating.”

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Just in Time For Valentine’s Day: All-Green M&M’s

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all-green m&m's
Now that the Christmas decorations are finally back in storage, it’s getting to be that time of year where we’re bombarded with the next Big Holiday theme: roses, lips, hearts, and an overabundance of EVERYTHING pink and red. And while some people find pink and red to be inspiration to get amorous, there are also those of us who’ll be inspired to get, well, nauseous. Let’s be honest, here. Love is a pretty complicated emotion, right? So, why is it so difficult to find a way to celebrate love in a way that’s more inspiring than that same old, tired heart-shaped box of candy?

The people at M&M’s obviously feel the same way, because they have a refreshingly new take on Valentine’s Day. As we previewed back in October, M&M’s is proclaiming green to be the new color of romance. This Valentine’s season, we’ll be seeing all-green packs of M&M’s. This probably also means we can expect Ms. Green to appear in her sassy white boots all over billboards and on TV.

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Coming soon: New M&Ms – All Green, Cherry, and Mint Crisp

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all green mms

While at the All Candy Expo I got some sneak peeks at some new M&Ms coming soon. Seen above is a banner advertising the new packs of all green M&Ms. Playing off of Candy Urban Legend #3, these packs contain only green M&M’s, for those times when you want to feel a bit frisky.

wildly cherry mms

Next up is Wildly Cherry M&Ms. Available in March 2008, new M&M’S Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies Limited Edition will be found in select retail stores nationwide. Much like their Razzberry cousins, they will only be available for a limited time and they will be available in all the usual package sizes.

UPDATE: Read our review of the Wildly Cherry M&Ms

Indiana Jones MMs
Finally, you will see Mint Crisp M&Ms as a tie-in with the new Indiana Jones movie, set to release in May of 2008. These will be minty and contain rice crisps and will be promoted with the blockbuster movie, much like they did previously with the Pirates Of the Caribbean Pirate Pearls White Chocolate M&M’s.

UPDATE: Here is our review of the Indiana Jones Mint Crisp M&Ms

What’s not to love about more varieties of M&M’s? The only thing I can think of is that some are Limited Edition, so if you fall in love with them, they won’t be around forever – kind of like a high school crush. So sad. But it’s fun while it lasts.

Candy Review: Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s

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Razzberry M&Ms

If Sno-Caps were called Small Chocolate Circles with Smaller Candy Circles Atop Said Small Chocolate Circles, they might not sell as well. The point here is this: sometimes the outside of the bag is just as important as the inside.

What I really don’t dig about Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s is the word “Razzberry.” I’m not sure who these candies are being marketed to, but when I see raspberry spelled with two z’s, I immediately think of Blue RazzBerry Blow Pops and the summer that my father, normally an “I’ll have milk” person, was hooked on Berry Blue Kool-Aid. That type of “razzberry” flavor is usually super sour and unnatural tasting, and the thought of combining said flavor with milk chocolate didn’t get me too excited about trying Razzberry M&M’s.

For some reason, the package asks us to “Get Razzed!”; a bizarre request since “getting razzed” usually means getting teased relentlessly for doing something embarrassing. Being “razzed” is not normally an enjoyable experience.

After I got over my packaging issues, I ripped open the bag and poured the newfangled M’s into my hand. I was surprised at the sight of these strange, salmony/raspberryish-colored sweets: the sizing is quite different from regular M&M’s, resembling Peanut M&M’s that have had the peanuts extracted. The larger size also means fewer candies per bag, which is sort of a bummer.

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Candy Review: Pirate Pearls – White Chocolate M&M’s

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Pirate Pearls - white chocolate M&Ms

Adding to the expanding line of M&M flavors comes the new Pirate Pearl White Chocolate M&Ms (the first time M&M’s have ever been available in white chocolate, I might add). They are a promotional tie-in with the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and the pastel colored M&M’s feature both pirate-themed bag artwork, as well as pirate designs printed directly onto the candy (see above).

How do they taste? Actually, not all that bad, considering I am not usually a fan of white chocolate. I think I got my fill of it when I was young and allergic to Milk Chocolate. Since then, I’ve always had an aversion. I found it interesting that you can really taste the candy shell on these. I had always assumed the candy shells were chocolate, or flavorless, but with the white chocolate you can really taste the shell and tell that it definitely adds something to the entire M&M taste.

In addition to the white chocolate creation, M&M’s is also releasing M&M’S Minis Sunken Treasure Mix which actually change color – I can’t wait to try those! There’s also M&M’S Milk Chocolate Pirate Gems and M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Captain’s Gold varieties. It should go without saying, but these are limited edition (even though the bag doesn’t say it, they are), and were just released nationwide this week, so keep your eyes peeled for them if you want to try them.

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