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Japanese Candy Review: Four Seas Milk Candy

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Four Seas Milk Candy

Yup, it’s another Japanese candy reviewed by Laurie. With the large number of Asian grocers in my area, as long as Japan keeps cranking ‘em out, I’m going to keep reviewing ‘em – and as the Japanese candy industry is at least as productive as the American candy industry, if not more so, it doesn’t look like I’m going to run out of stuff to write about any time soon. Like these Four Seas Milk Candies, for example.

The wrappers for the individual candies, strangely enough, say “Four Seas Hokkaido Candy” rather than “Milk Candy,” and I’m sure I’ve seen bags of candy labeled “Hokkaido Milk Candy” as well, so perhaps this is the same case as Super Lemons, where the same candy has been picked up and packaged differently by more than one distributor.

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