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Top 10 movie theater candy

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Summer is upon us, and that probably means you’ll be spending a lot of time at the movie theater. Forget about the popcorn (Here’s an insider secret from someone who used to work at a movie theater: it’s usually stale because a lot of places store uneaten popcorn in trash bags for the next day); you’ll enjoy your movie a lot more with a candy treat – and you won’t have to worry about getting butter everywhere.

Movie theater candy

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Here’s a list of the best movie theater candy that will be worth your $12 (that’s about what they’re charging these days, right?):

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Bitter divorce or a sweet reunion—what will become of Mike & Ike split?

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Mike and Ike breakup

In case you haven’t heard, after a 72-year relationship, Mike & Ike have split. Yes, a candy-coated PR stunt similar to that of the great Barbie & Ken divorce of 2004.

Hoping to capture the attention of teenagers, Just Born (the candy company who makes Mike & Ike) made the split well known across multiple social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, earlier this month.

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Candy Review: Mike and Ike Berry Blast 2009

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Mike and Ike Berry Blast

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

At the All Candy Expo, Mike and Ike shared some of their new flavors of 2009. For those of you who are Mike and Ike fans, you might be wondering why I’m reviewing the Berry Blast flavor as new when we already reviewed it in 2007. Well, Mike and Ike have updated the Berry Blast to include some new goodies. You get the same Mike and Ike consistency and texture, just a different mix of flavors.

Blueberry: This dark blue candy has an artificial blueberry flavor that lacks the mixed sweet-tartness of a more genuine blueberry experience. Instead, the emphasis here is on sweetness.

Blue Raspberry: Not to be confused with the darker blue Mike and Ikes, the light blue candies are a blue raspberry flavor. These were the strongest flavor in the bunch – as soon as I put one in my mouth I could taste the blue raspberry before I even started chewing. The flavor here wasn’t as sweet as the blueberry, offering a little more complexity.

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Candy Review: Mike and Ike Italian Ice and Tropical Typhoon (Revisted)

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Mike and Ike Italian Ice Box

I can be a vulture when it comes to candy. I have a predetermined list of stores I scout out weekly and gaze upon their candy sections. Supermarkets, drugstores, gas stations, etc…. I usually do this to see if there happens to be a sale on candy, or even if I know there is a new product debuting that I should keep an eye out for. You can imagine my surprise whenever I discover a new candy product that I wasn’t expecting.

Yes, this is a rarity, but it happened this past week at a Walgreens. As if it was supposed to be stocked with all the other theater-sized box candy, a new version of Mike and Ike stood among its cousins of Tangy Twister and Jolly Joes: Italian Ice. I knew to expect the release of Lemonade Blends a few months back, but nowhere had I heard about Italian Ice debuting. In fact, it isn’t even listed on their website.

Quickly, I purchased the box along with a box of the new and original Tropical Typhoon, which boasted an assortment of new flavors, as advertised on its box.

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Mike and Ike Review Roundup – Five Varieties

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Mike and Ike candies

As a hardcore Candy Addict, I consumed a good deal of candy during my childhood. My mother even packed full-size candy bars in my sack lunches! Mysteriously, Mike and Ike candies were absent from my candy-eating repertoire. I wasn’t exactly sure why, since I did like candies in the jellybean category. Well, I recently had the honor of reviewing five selections of Mike and Ike candies, and I think I know why.

The five kinds of Mike and Ike candies included Original Fruits, Berry Blast, Tropical Typhoon, Tangy Twister, and Lemonade Blends (which is due to be released nationwide in the summer of 2008). We’ll start with the bad then work up to the good, okay?

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