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Candy Review: Melville Lollipops

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Melville Watermelon There are real perks to being the editor of a site like Candy Addict. One of them is getting the chance to read all of our fabulous reviews and articles before the rest of the world. Another is getting to sample most of the candy that our writers receive to review. Unfortunately, sometimes something comes up and our writers can’t complete the review. Then it falls to me to do the honors.

Of course, it helps if I don’t come to this realization only after a marathon apartment-cleaning/box-recycling session. Somewhere amid my giant pyramid of boxes I discovered a medium-size box chock-full of fruit shaped lollipops from Melville Candy Company. A quick mental inventory revealed that these hadn’t been reviewed and were desperately overdue. D’oh! Time for me to buckle down and do some licking!

These were interesting, to say the least. The assortment consisted of seven different shapes and flavors of lollipops, each much larger than your average lollipop (at least 12 inches tall) and beautifully designed. At first glance I thought each one was hand painted or somehow made to be different colors. However, closer examination revealed that the lollipops themselves are only one color, with other colors being printed on the clear wrappers. Still, they look darn nice and very similar to their real-life fruit counterparts. But, the real question is, how do they taste?

Watermelon: This had a very mild watermelon flavor. However, the smell it emits is incredibly strong – the entire box smelled of watermelon as soon as I opened it! The flavor is a lot more mild than the smell; I would have preferred a little more flavor, but it wasn’t bad in any way.

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Candy Review: Assorted Candy from the Melville Candy Company

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Melville Red Lobster

Free candy samples are always nice to receive, but the Melville box provided a uniquely fun experience. The Melville pops and spoons were so fun to look at that I was hesitant to try them because I didn’t want to ruin them. Melville gets big points on packaging and creative molding. The handles of the spoons are nice wood, and each candy pop is wrapped in thick cellophane and secured with a gold twist-tie. Definitely an aesthetically pleasing product.

The Old Tyme Barley Pops are very well done. The animal shapes are respectably realistic, and I made sure to tell my friends who shared the candy that the lobsters were not seafood flavored (that sure would be gross, wouldn’t it?). I liked the selection of animals and flavors. Each pop is weighty and dense with only tiny air bubbles in the candy.

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