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Candy Review: Lollipops from Blanton’s Candies

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Blanton's Candies Lollipops

On a recent vacation in southeastern Tennessee, in which I must have wandered starry-eyed through at least a dozen fudge and candy shops, I kept bumping into these Lollipops from Blanton’s Candies. When I’m on the prowl for new sweets, lollipops don’t often register on my “intriguing candy” radar, probably because I prefer to chew my hard candies rather than suck on them. I find the crunch much more satisfying than the dissolve. But these lollipops caught my attention because of their beautiful, shiny appearance.

I loved the bright, cheerful, whimsical colors. When I picked one up for closer inspection, I noticed that all of the sticks were printed with the name and address of a local Tennessee candy company, Blanton’s Candies. I always like to try locally made treats, so I decided to sample a few of these lollipops. I had my choice of perhaps twenty varieties, but I picked only four: grape, orange cream, cotton candy, and candy corn.

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Are cake pops the new blow pops?

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Cake pops

(Image from

As I am not the second coming of Betty Crocker, I’m thankful for baking enthusiasts out there who concoct new ways to get baked goodies and heavenly desserts into my belly. Even better? Using candy as a vehicle to further encourage consumption of said goodies (not that you need extra motivation). For example: cake pops. Haven’t heard of them? It’s exactly as it sounds — cake on a stick, like a blow pop, but instead of a gum-based center, you get a moist mouthful of cake.

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Name That Candy: Wedge Lollipops

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Name That Candy

Have you ever completely drawn a blank trying to remember the name of a wonderful candy from the past? Well, you aren’t alone! We received this email from Rebecca G. who is seeking a cherished favorite candy. We’re posting the question to all of our readers for an answer! Can you help a fellow candy addict by reuniting her with her favorite candy?

Recently I got to thinking about this old candy my 4th grade teacher used to give us, and it was a type of lollipop. They came in various different flavors, and they were wedge shaped. Each lollipop consisted of two colors and was a watermelon-esque wedge shape. I’m positive the name had either “wedges” or “wedgies” in it — surprisingly, nothing relevant came up after googling using those terms.

I lived near Cleveland, OH, and had these lollipops in 1998/1999. She bought them in a plastic tub, maybe a bit smaller than a coffee can. They were individually wrapped in a clear plastic. If you know what kind of candy this is, is it still being produced? I remember these being the most delicious lollipops I ever had, and would love to try them again.

Let’s harness the power of the people and figure this one out. If you have any additional information or know what the candy is, post your comments and let us know what the mystery candy could be!

Candy Review: Lollyphile’s Absinthe and Maple-Bacon Lollipops

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Absinthe Maple Bacon Lollipops Package

There are several ways people approach eating candy. One of the main two is nostalgia for a specific candy and the other is the adventure some candies offer; some people just like enjoying their tried-and-true treat from their childhood and others love to try the newest and craziest candy for the experience. As a true Candy Addict, I fall into both categories. That’s why I was especially excited to find a small box of lollipops from Lollyphile waiting for me on my porch when I arrived home from work a few days ago.

Why all the excitement about a bunch of lollipops, you ask? Well, these aren’t just any lollipops. These come in flavors you won’t find anywhere else: Absinthe and Maple-Bacon. By now you’ve either started to drool on your keyboard (hey, happens to me all the time) or you’ve scrunched up your nose in skeptical repulsion. When I first saw the two flavors, I did both.

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Retro Candy Flashback: Charms Blow Pops

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Charms Blowpops

(image from Candy Crate)

Charms Blow Pops recently caused me a “well, DUH!” sort of moment. (I may have even dramatically smacked my forehead!) A recently acquired bag of traditional-flavored Blow Pops had me thinking how similar they were to Tootsie Pops. Hard outside, chewy inside, and a debate between those who chomp their way to the center and those who lick their way there.

So imagine my amusement when I started researching this article and discovered that Blow Pops are produced by… Tootsie Roll Industries. Bruised forehead aside, I was thrilled to eat my way through a bag of these. They taste precisely how I remember them from my childhood. Nothing about them has changed – which is great, given how much I hate it when candy companies mess with perfection.

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