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Retro Candy Flashback: The Little Debbie Nutty Bar

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Nutty Bar

(Image from hades at Flickr)

Is there anything to rival the innocent sweetness of a Little Debbie treat? From the extreme simplicity of their classic goodies to their chemist-friendly ingredient lists to the cute little girl whose portrait adorns every box, the brand embodies pure, sugary nostalgia. Ever since the 1960s, when the CEOs of McKee foods decided to name a line of snack cakes after their granddaughter, this line has brightened many a day.

Crossing paths with Debbie at the supermarket or gas station always brings a smile to my face. These chance encounters bring to mind lunchtimes in preschool and kindergarten, during which Debbie and I became acquainted. Those years were simpler for us all, and whether or not we could expect to find something so tasty in the day’s lunchbox seemed an important issue. Too often, the presence or absence of a Swiss Cake Roll would determine my mood for the afternoon.

Yet for whatever reason, my relationship with Little Debbie has become less intimate in recent years. We see each other, sure, but we don’t touch, or (most importantly) taste. I feel at times that the freckled, curly-haired youth and I have grown estranged. So it came as a pleasant surprise one recent evening when my boyfriend arrived carrying an armful of Little Debbie’s beloved Nutty Bars.

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Candy Review: Little Debbie 100 Calorie Nutty Bars

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Little Debbie Nutty Bar Singles
As a woman trying to watch her daily calorie intake, I have frequently purchased 100 calorie snacks. These low-calorie snacks are a relatively new phenomenon for the weight-conscious individual. You can find 100 calorie boxes of all sorts of snacks and cookies these days. The Nutty Bar is like a Kit Kat with peanut butter added to the layers of chocolate and wafers, but on a larger scale. It is definitely candy bar worthy. At 12 to a box with a cost of less than $2.00 per box, they’re very reasonable to purchase for your every day snack food.

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