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Candy Review: Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Bars

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Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Bars

I’m a huge fan of Lindt chocolates. I could eat Lindt chocolate all day long if I could. There used to be a Lindt outlet store near my home when I lived in Virginia and I used to stock up there once a month. So, I gladly “volunteered” to review these three Lindt chocolate bars that Candy Addict was sent. All three of these bars are made with 70% cocoa, which basically means that they are 70% dark chocolate and 30% other delectable ingredients.

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Candy Review: Lindt Excellence Chili Bar

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Lindt Excellence Chili Bar

More often than not, when I’m eating a chocolate bar, it’s a regular Hershey bar. As a chocolate enthusiast, I’ve been yearning for the fancy Lindt bars at the grocery store, and what better excuse to put one in my buggy than as my first review for Candy Addict?

When I got home with my treat, I locked myself away to enjoy the chocolate without interruptions of “Mom, she’s hitting me!” or “Mom, where’s my favorite pair of skinny jeans?!” This was the perfect day for a review of chocolate. Momma needed a moment alone for a quick endorphin fix.

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Candy Review: Lindt Raisin & Nuts Bar

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Lindt Raisin and Nuts

Lindt chocolate is what I consider a higher quality chocolate, definitely better-tasting, more “sophisticated,” if you will, than Hershey or M&Ms chocolate. Of course, if you put the words “Swiss made” on anything, I get a little dreamy eyed. To make things even better, Lindt chocolates are available at common stores like Wal-Mart and Target. That means when I go grocery shopping I can buy whole wheat bread for my health and premium chocolate for my happiness. Lindt is like the best of both worlds – high quality and affordable.

When I found out Lindt would be sending me a milk chocolate bar to review, I was excited but then promptly forgot about it. (Just like I forget to put the clothes in the dryer when they’re finished washing…) When the bar arrived, I was surprised and a little apprehensive to see that they’d sent me their new Raisin & Nuts Classic Recipe bar. I, uh, don’t like raisins… but I do like nuts! I can handle this.

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Candy Review: Best Easter Bunnies (of the chocolate persuasion)

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Group of Milk Chocolate Bunnies

candy images in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

Every Easter I get kind of dazed by the sheer multitude of chocolate Easter bunnies beckoning to me from the store shelves. They’re all pretty and shiny, and I can hear them calling, “Pick me! Pick me!” But which one to choose?

Well, this year I embarked on the Bite A Bunny experiment. I did a taste test to decide, once and for all, what the best bunny choices are. So I didn’t get totally overwhelmed by the bountiful bunnies, I had some simple rules: stick to milk chocolate, go for hollow bunnies where possible, and only choose bunnies that are readily available to the average shopper. I came up with seven contestants. All bunnies were hollow, except where noted.

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Candy Review: Lindt Chocolate Carrots

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Lindt Chocolate Carrots

You may have heard some hysterical stories about Easter, but let’s stick to the one involving a chocolate-loving rabbit. While mundane rabbits enjoy eating carrots, have you every wondered what sustains the Easter Bunny? How about a chocolate rabbit, you say? What? What kind of psycho rabbit would cannibalize itself by eating chocolate in the shape of its own species? Not one that I want hiding chicken embryos in colored shells around the yard, I’ll tell you that.

Luckily, Swiss chocolatier Lindt has come to the famous rabbit’s rescue. The answer to what the Easter Bunny would eat is obvious once you think about it. Chocolate carrots – duh.

Now my question: are there carrots in this candy? Well… no. But it does have hazelnut paste. And each of the four chocolate candies are nicely wrapped to look like baby carrots (complete with stalks), plus little green curved handles that make the candy look like a vegetable umbrella. These handles are for holding your treat as you chomp away.

So let’s hop like a bunny and try these fun-looking chocolates.

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