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Candy Review: Cinnamon Dollars

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Hot Cinnamon Dollars

When this month’s Licorice of the Month Club box arrived, I was a bit dismayed to be immediately confronted with a strong cinnamon smell. You see, I hate cinnamon. Not dislike a little, but hate. However, for the loyal Candy Addict readers out there, I decided I should give these little cinnamon dollars a shot. Here goes…

Hmm, they seem nice and soft, and if it weren’t for the smell, I would think they were a very promising example of red licorice. Now for the taste test.

Oh, yep, those are cinnamon. Very reminiscent of red hots or those disgusting cinnamon jelly beans you think are going to be cherry flavored and then end up having to spit out. Not absolutely hideous, but not something I would ever eat normally. Very soft, nice texture if a little bit sticky.

Overall, I think these would be good for someone looking for a mild cinnamon kick; they’re a pleasing texture and not too spicy. I, of course, will now be swiftly disposing of the rest of the bag and drinking milk to cleanse my mouth. Where oh where are my chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies…