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Girly Beans – Jellybeans for Women

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Girly Beans

(idea blatantly stolen from Manoverse’s Manly Beans)

How could we not? Thanks to a little help from the Candy Addict staff, we are now able to offer the women of the world equal opportunity indulging. Because we’re more sensitive, some of our flavors might be a little more abstract than their manly jelly bean counterparts but, hey, that’s what works for us.

Candy Review: Emily’s Super Sour No Belly Sugar Free Jelly Beans

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No Belly Jelly Beans
Superman. Superglue. Supersize. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. When you throw the word “super” onto the front end of an otherwise unassuming word you’re really setting a high standard for whatever follows. It goes without saying that had better be an exceptional male, unparalleled adhesive, mammoth girth, and phenomenal califragilisticexpiali – well, you get my drift. So, understandably, I had some pretty high expectations for the descriptively named Emily’s Super Sour No Belly Sugar Free Jelly Beans.

Now, I’m not an insanely crazy sour fanatic. I’m more of a middle-of-the-road sour fan. I like red and orange Sour Patch Kids, for example, but not really green, and definitely not yellow. So when my sour-dusted shipment of No Belly Jelly Beans arrived directly from Can You Imagine That! Confections/The Sandy Candy Factory I was fearful that these self-proclaimed Super Sours might even be too much for my tender palate. I was mightily surprised then, when I opened the bag and was not greeted by an overwhelming sour aroma. Not even a hint of that citric Sour Patch scent that induces uncontrollable face-puckering and Pavlovian salivating.

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Manly Jelly Belly Flavors

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Manly Jelly Belly Flavors

(image from if it wasn’t obvious)

Bertie Bott and Beanboozled have nothing on these beans.

Candy Art: George Clooney Immortalized in Jelly Beans

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Is there anything sweeter in this universe to look at than George Clooney’s beautiful mug? (Ladies, am I right?) Well there is one thing, it turns out, thanks to the Jelly Belly Candy Company. The gourmet jelly bean manufacturer commissioned artist Roger Rocha to create a mosaic likeness of the Academy Award winning actor using 10,000 of their tasty little beans. And the two-time “Sexiest Man Alive” has never looked so delicious, featuring Cotton Candy cheeks, Buttered Popcorn highlights, Cantaloupe laugh lines, and Coconut teeth. Really gives unprecedented meaning to the notion of “eye candy,” huh?

The artwork – and generous gift to female Candy Addicts the world over – was on display at Jelly Belly’s gifting suite at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills for the duration of Oscar week, where it was to remain until its donation to a charity of Clooney’s choosing. On an unrelated side note, all of my paperwork for nonprofit status has been filed.

A little research quickly revealed that Jelly Belly has a history of bean portraiture, much of which is displayed in their online gallery. From “Famous People” and “Icons & Other Cool Stuff” to “American Historical and Political Figures,” there’s a little something for everyone here, but none make me salivate in quite the same way as the former TV doctor.

Candy Review: Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled

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Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

Eating is a very complicated pastime when you think about it. Depending on the situation it can be a very social thing: you could easily be sharing a dinner with friends, out for an afternoon coffee break with co-workers or hosting a potluck party with family. While it’s easy to make daily meals more social, I find that when we treat ourselves with chocolate or candy, it usually tends to be a very solitary activity. There’s lots of reasons for this; maybe your friends or special someone don’t love chocolate like you do, perhaps you don’t want anyone to see you secretly indulge your sweet tooth, or hey, maybe you’re like me and don’t want anyone to notice so you’d have to share. Regardless of the reason, candy consumption can be pretty lonely, and usually in a good way. This is why, when Jelly Belly released its new box of BeanBoozled jelly beans, I was excited to give them a try.

How does eating these BeanBoozled beans relate to social activity you ask? Well, when you look at it, BeanBoozled is more of a game than anything else really, because in essence it’s an edible version of Russian Roulette. Picture this: in the box there are 10 different colored beans with 20 different flavors. The flavor can be a tasty one like buttered popcorn, plum, juicy pear or cafe latte. On the other hand, the flavor could be not so enticing: vomit, skunk spray, pencil shavings or baby wipes (just to name a few). See where this is heading?

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