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Candy Review: Hubba Bubba Strawberry Gush Glop

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Hubba Bubba Glop Package

While it may not have been an altogether satisfying experience, reviewing Hubba Bubba gum’s new Strawberry Gush Glop – pieces of gum that resemble strange red chicken eggs – did at least bring back some sweet childhood memories.

Back in middle school we had a candy dealer who would sell us pieces of original Hubba Bubba (or its archrival, Bubble Yum) for 25 cents each. Everyone wanted that gum. It blew the biggest bubbles of any gum on the market. And it was so sugary that it could rot your teeth before you even got it out of your pocket. I still remember blowing bubbles as big as my head behind the teacher’s back in the sixth grade. Fun stuff!

(Of course, there were those rumors in my school playground about spider eggs being found in the gum… but, really, what are a few spider eggs when the gum they’re in is so delicious?)

So, memories at the ready, I decided to give the newer Hubba Bubba product a try. Way to ruin my childhood memories, Bubba folks. Now, I understand that Hubba Bubba is targeted to kids, not to adults. But still.…

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