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Candy Review: Haribo Brixx

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With a name like Brixx, I was expecting some Lego-shaped candy, but instead, they are brick-shaped pieces of gummi candy, covered in grains of delcious sweet & sour sugar, similar to the covering on Sour Patch Kids. Despite the announcement of these back in June of this year, I’m not sure if these are even available in America yet, since they don’t seem to be available at any of the usual online candy shops.

The Brixx come in three different flavors in a bag: strawberry, apple, and pear. Each Brick (Brix? What’s the singular of Brixx?) has six tubes filled with some type of cream inside of them, which tastes a little like a marshmallow when you eat the gummi off and are left with just the cream (though that is definitely more work than it’s worth).

How do the Brixx taste? Really good. The pear flavor is worth it just for the novelty, as there aren’t that many pear candies around that I’m aware of. The strawberry and apple are pretty standard, though the cream portion does give them a unique texture and a slightly different flavor than you might be used to.

Overall, they’re very good and very chewy. Mine have been sitting out for a while and they are just as chewy as when I first got them, and not stale at all.

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Review: Haribo Gummi Root Beer Barrels

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Gummi Root Beer Barrels

I first wrote about the new Gummi Root Beer Barrels about two weeks ago and the folks at Haribo were kind enough to send me some samples to try. I only got five pieces and they weren’t even in real packaging yet.

I really like the flavor of root beer, both in liquid (believe it or not, I’m drinking a Frostie Root Beer as I write this) and the classic Root Beer Barrel candy, so I was really excited to try these. The gummi root beer barrels have a fun barrel shape, but are flat and are a good size – maybe twice as big as a standard gummi bear. I was hoping for a good strong root beer taste, but the root beer taste is overwhelmed by a lemony taste. To me, root beer has NO lemony taste, so that confused me a bit. I was really hoping for the root beer equivalent of Gummi Cola Bottles, but I was disapointed.

Having said all of this though, they’re still pretty good, they’re just not “rootbeery” enough for my tastes. I would still recommend buying these if/when you see them in stores, just realize they don’t have the powerful root beer taste you might expect.

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