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Candy Review: Sulpice Chocolat

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Sulpice Chocolat logo

Sometimes, we like to mix it up at Candy Addict and today is one of those occasions! It’s Haiku candy review time! You may have read some of our past Haiku reviews. They were well received so we’re doing it again! Today, we’ll be reviewing Sulpice Chocolat’s milk and dark chocolate bars. Each designer bar is hand-painted and combines a medley of chocolate, herbs, and spices. Without further ado…

Cardamom, Cloves, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla, Tellicherry Black Pepper, & Milk Chocolate

Sulpice Chocolat Chai

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Halloween Candy Haikus

Categories: Candy,Holiday Candy

Halloween. Candy.
They are inseparable.
Love the candy day.


I like them spicy
Fireballs full of flavor
My eyes will water


Wonka Nerds like crack.
Can’t eat just a few, no way.
I’ll finish the box.


I love the candy.
It’s my favorite food group.
I eat it all day!


Caramel Turtles
Nutty Caramel Goodness
Love to eat a box!


Chocolate, my love.
You bring me great happiness.
I will never stray.


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