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Candy Review: Surf Sweets Candy

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Surf Sweets Fruit Bears

Technology is responsible for many changes, and food is no exception. Just about everything we eat has been genetically modified, treated with chemicals, and altered in some form or another in the name of “productivity.” Candy is no exception.

Why, chocolate isn’t even real chocolate half the time, and sugar went out of the window long ago in America in favor of corn syrup. Do you even remember a time when you could buy a packaged candy bar that wasn’t made with artificial flavors or colors?

That is why it’s refreshing to discover there are candy companies out there like Surf Sweets, recently acquired by tru sweets (a company of identical ethical food practices). Surf Sweets, a company native to hippie Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!), is steeped in a philosophy of admirable food values.

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Best Stress Relief Candy

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Attitude Adjustments Jar
Yesterday I had a three-mini-Snickers morning. You can always tell my current stress level by the number of trips I make to the Attitude Adjustments jar where the candy resides. Yeah, yeah – I know. The “experts” say you’re not supposed to stress eat. But as a proud Candy Addict I feel it’s my duty to ignore that kind of crazy talk.

As I licked the last bit of chocolate from my fingers, it got me to thinking. What’s the best stress relief candy out there? I have several personal favorites that I use for different purposes. Here are 3 of my top stress relievers along with the particular ills they help cure.

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