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Candy Review: Gin Gins Boost Ginger Candy

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What’s your stance on ginger? If you’re not a fan, you’ll certainly want to avoid these Indonesian treats. But how about the rest of us, the ginger-neutral or the devotees? What should we make of these penny-sized candies, suffused with the famous root?

My suggestion is that we make a hoopla, jump through it, and celebrate Gin Gins Boost! These candies are pretty darn good, even though I’m not usually pro root-candy. But something about the picture on the bag got me interested.

I mean, how often do you see a ginger-root man in a suit, flying through the air, carrying a suitcase with tubers for hands? Exactly.

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Candy Review: Theo Filled Chocolates

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Theo Chocolates box

Theo is so environmentally-politically-correct that one of their bars has a picture of Jane Goodall with a chimp on it. Their products are made with fair trade and organic ingredients. That’s all very nice, but what you want to know is: How do they taste?


These are a little larger than most company’s bonbons – large enough that a person like me, who usually cuts a really good, expensive filled chocolate in half to save some for later, can cut these in quarters and still enjoy them. Other good qualities of the presentation: They are all rectangular or square, further aiding the cutting-up process, and they are decorated differently and come with a flyer identifying and describing them.

The fillings are all described as ganaches. Ganache is basically cream and melted chocolate whipped together, but not for so long that it turns into whipped cream. Some of these don’t have chocolate in them, but they are nearly all that kind of very soft, melty texture. No hard work chewing caramels or crunchy nuts, here.

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Candy Review: Blanxart Sabores Line and Chocolate Negro Bar

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Blanxart Logo

I once listened to a radio broadcast about a baker who manufactured artisan bread in Maine. When he was asked what possessed him to become such a baker, he replied with a response of almost disbelief:

“To me, artisan bread just means making the best possible bread by hand. I think everything should be made that way.”

The sheer simplicity and truth of that statement has stayed with me over the years, and it is one that rushed to mind as I began reviewing a line of chocolate bars from Blanxart.

Blanxart is a Spanish confectionery company created back in 1954 by three brothers. Now, Europe is frequently associated with gourmet chocolate, but rarely if ever did I equate Spain with such a thought. Truthfully, as the Spanish were the first to make contact in the New World – where chocolate originated – it would make sense that they retain a claim to being the original European purveyors of gourmet chocolate.

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Candy Review: GoNaturally Organic Hard Candies

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GoNaturally Pile of Candy

A while back I attended the Fancy Food Show here in New York City. Like the All Candy Expo, the Fancy Food Show is only open to people in the food industry (or, in our case, members of the press who write about the food industry). Where the ACE is pretty darn big, the FFS is freaking ENORMOUS! From herbs and spices to olive oil to cheese to candy, pretty much every food group is represented to the extreme. I had the pleasure of meeting with the folks from Hillside Candy to try their GoNaturally Organic Hard Candies. Much to my chagrin, it’s taken me this long to finally find time to sit down and write a proper review of their tasty sweets.

I got six different varieties of hard candy to try, including Honey Lemon, Apple, Honey, Cherry, Pomegranate, and Ginger. So how do these hand-made gluten free candies measure up?

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Candy Review: Sweet Earth SLO Chai Chocolate

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Sweet Earth SLO Chai Chocolate Coins

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Valentines Day I immediately think of chocolate! Chocolates of all sizes, colors and flavors adorn shelves at the local stores, but I have to admit, this year I found the selection disappointing. Where were the new, exciting chocolates released specifically for this special day for (chocolate) lovers? I finally found the unique chocolate that I was looking for: the new SLO Chai Chocolate from Sweet Earth Chocolate.

Sweet Earth and SLO Chai are companies that are dedicated do-gooders: both produce fair trade certified and organic treats at their factories located in beautiful San Louis Obisbo, California. These SLO Chai Chocolates marry Sweet Earth’s 65% bittersweet chocolate and SLO Chai’s delicious chai to make one lovely treat that will surely add some spice to your Valentines Day.

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