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Candy Review: Chocri

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Chocri is a German company that plans to open for business in the US in the new year. Their website allows you to design your own chocolate bars – white, dark, or milk, with your choice of additions, which range from the normal (nuts, fruit) to the more exotic (gold balls, gummy bears, spices).

When they asked if I’d like to order some sample bars to review, I was all “heck yeah,” but as I delved into the site, I began to realize that I am not exactly the ideal customer for this sort of thing. Because A, I have very strong opinions about what flavors go together, and B, I am overwhelmed by too many choices.

So, on the one hand the only things I would be sure I would like were the totally traditional choices like milk chocolate with crispy rice. On the other hand I knew that was totally not in the spirit of the thing. What would be the point of getting a combination that I could get anywhere?

Beyond that, I no longer remember exactly what went on in my mind as I clicked around the options on their site – so many that they claim that more than ten billion combinations are possible. So when the following bars arrived, I thought some crazy person had ordered them:

  • White with red rice and mango cubes
  • Milk with coconut shavings, candied rose petals and a marzipan rose
  • Dark with pecans, sour cherries and orange pepper

Well, on the bright side, they sure aren’t anything you could walk into a store and buy, right?

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Candy Review: Ritter Sport – Espresso Crunch

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Limited Edition Ritter Sport Espresso Crunch

Made by Ritter Sport, who also make the Blood Orange Yogurt Chocolate I reviewed recently, this candy again comes from a friend traveling in Europe, and it has a special “Sports Fan” motif to the packaging, since it’s a limited edition for The World Cup only. The other two Limited Edition World Cup flavors are Golden Peanut and Sunny Crisp (sunflower seeds and corn flakes).

I’ve always said that I hated anything coffee flavored, but this is the second coffee candy I’ve had in recent weeks (here is the other) that I thought was excellent. The chocolate in this candy is soooooo good. It’s amazingly soft but not in a ‘melted’ sort of way, it’s just..soft and delicious. The coffee flavoring is definitely there, but it’s not overpowering at all. If you like coffee, or you just like good chocolate, I suggest you pick one of these up if you can find them.

Just like the Ritter Sport Blood Orange I reviewed, this candy is a layer of chocolate, a layer of filling and then another layer of chocolate on top. It also has a small amount of “crunch” in it, as I believe most, if not all, Ritter Sport bars in this line do. It also comes in the same type of resealable packaging, which is a great idea.

This candy is not easily available in America, and to make it even worse, it’s a limited edition flavor made specifically for Germany during the the World Cup. I recently heard about a store local to me that carries a bunch of the European Ritter Sport candy, and if they do, you can guarantee there will be more reviews coming up.

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Review: Ritter Sport – Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade (Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate)

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Ritter Sport Blutoranage

Here is another candy brought back from my friend traveling in Germany (Alpenliebe – Espresso Caramelle Colate was the first), this time it’s Ritter Sport Blutorange weisse Joghurt-Schokolade, which translates into Blood Orange with Yogurt Chocolate. I was a little tentative to try this, because often do you get to try Blood Orange candy? Of course, I did try it, this wouldn’t be much of a review if I hadn’t.

The package is resealable (are you listening Hershey?), and contains 16 squares of the candy, which is layered with yogurt chocolate, pink blood orange filling and then more yogurt chocolate on top. These are actually pretty decent, tasting kind of like a more tart Creamsicle. The yogurt chocolate, which I’ve never heard of, tastes similar to white chocolate, but in my opinion better. I’m not sure if this is another name for white chocolate, and I couldn’t really find anything online, any readers know? There is also a small amount of rice crisps in these, and it’s also a low-fat candy.

These are technically only available in Germany, but you can find some sites online to order from if you poke around. Here they are at

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