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Friday Fun: The Great Flying Mintini

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Altoids Mint

Altoids has a great website despite it being almost all Flash (which I hate for navigation). In their Flash game “The Great Flying Mintini” you must control the angle and power of Mintini being shot out of a cannon. Try to grab Altoids tins while flying through the air and you MUST land in the marked landing area.

It’s tricky but very fun. Above you see my score the first time I tried it and didn’t know what I was doing. See if you can beat it!

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Friday Fun: Juicy Fruit Sweet Shot Basketball Game

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Juicy Fruit Sweet Shot

Shooting hoops is a great way to start the weekend, but if the boss won’t let you out before sunset, check out Wrigley’s Candystand Sweet Shot Basketball. It’s a fairly simple arcade-style game that works on the basic concept of tossing balls through the hoop as often as possible in 90 seconds. The Juicy Fruit-themed backboard moves back a little bit during the game, but not while you’re actually trying to make a shot. Messages periodically flash on the scoreboard, and for me, they were things like “BRICK” and “Congratulations, you’re our new towel boy.” I’m glad my mom told me it’s not about winning, but how I play the game—especially on Friday.

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Friday Fun: Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery

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Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery

Another Friday, another Friday Fun. Today I bring you the Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery. It’s sort of like those squirting games you play at amusement parks and fairs except there you win fun prizes and here you play the game with your keyboard. It’s actually really tricky (and hard) since the hose keeps moving back towards the center.

You get “prizes” for different levels of scores. After about 10 tries I finally broke the 1000 point mark (once I figured out the trick) but the prize was a screensaver and the link didn’t work! Grrrrrr! Oh well, it’s still a fun game.

I can’t give you a direct link to it since the whole site is Flash, but go to, point at Fun Zone at the bottom, then choose Squirting Gallery. Have fun!

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Friday Fun: Baby Ruth Bowling

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Baby Ruth Bowling

Another Friday, another Friday Fun….today’s game is Baby Ruth Real Deal Bowling. It’s bowling with some twists. First, the pins are on the left and you bowl from the right. Weird. Also, the lanes change every two frames. You go from traditional lanes, to an alley, a rooftop, an office, and then on to some nice lanes. On the wacky “lanes” there are obstacles like black cats and filing cabinets in your way that you have to bowl around.

The controls are a little tricky too – when you pick up the ball, there are arrows that appear on the side of it to indicate how much spin you want to put on it. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of the controls. My first two games I bowled a 103 then a 106. Give it a try and let us know your high score (and how many games it took you to get that score).

Update: It appears the game is no longer available. Such is the temporary nature of the internet!

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Friday Fun – Life Savers Skee Ball

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Life Savers Skee Ball

I thought I’d start a new regular feature here on Candy Addict – every Friday I will post a link to a free web-based (Flash/Java) game whose theme is candy. It’ll give you something to do on Friday while you’re waiting for 5PM to arrive. Most candy sites have webgames on them, so I should be able to do this indefinitely. I will only post games that I have played and like. No duds.

So, what better site to start off with than a game from Candy Stand – one of the oldest candy sites with games. Today’s game is Life Savers Skee Ball (they call it Boardwalk Bowling, but they aren’t fooling anyone). is it just me or does it look like it could double as Froot Loops Skee ball too? Anyway, it’s a fun little game – and it has some really good sound effects. Post your high score in the comments! My high score is 520.

Play Life Savers Skee Ball

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