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Skittles Candy Commercial: Sparky Tube Sock to Sell Skittles?

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I saw this commercial for Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits and thought it was hilarious. It reminded me of being a kid with my siblings as we “charged up” in our socks to shock each other. Good times! Hardwood floors are fancy and nice, but nothing’s more fun than shag carpet! I wonder… is “sock-shocking” a favorite pastime for any one else out there?

Also, why in the world is one of Tube Sock’s legs considerably larger than the other?! Sometimes I like to make up stories and it just so happens that right now is sometimes. I heard the uni-sock wearer broke his leg during the filming and had to continue filming because he was under contract. So, the biggest leg? That’s a cast under there. It’s dangerous work as a stunt sock, don’t ya know. Anyone else have any thoughts on leggus maximus?

Candy Review: Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints

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Vampire Mints

Do you have a Vampire problem? Well, Buffy has been off the air for a few years now, so your next best bet is to pick up some of Archie McPhee’s Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints, a tin of magically disgusting pellets designed to keep Count Dracula and his crew from vanting to suck your blood, bleh!

I’m not going to lie – I was terrified to try the Vampire mints. The garlic smell is ridiculously strong – you can smell it even before you take the plastic shrink wrap off of the very cool-looking metal case that the mints come in. Once the plastic wrap is off – the smell becomes even stronger – not only will it keep a vampire away, but most likely it will keep everyone in your office, your significant other, and the majority of the people in your neighborhood away as well.

The taste is very hard to describe – it’s not quite garlic, and it’s not quite mint. It is, however, quite gross. It’s almost like eating one of those scratch and sniff stickers from the 80′s, or mixing a Pizza Goldfish cracker with a Tic-Tac. Truly revolting.

The concept and the packaging, however, are awesome – the tin has a great design and the mints would make a great gift for Vampire lovers, Vampire-fearers, and anyone who likes a nice, disgusting pizza Goldfish/Tic-Tac combo.

Girly Beans – Jellybeans for Women

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Girly Beans

(idea blatantly stolen from Manoverse’s Manly Beans)

How could we not? Thanks to a little help from the Candy Addict staff, we are now able to offer the women of the world equal opportunity indulging. Because we’re more sensitive, some of our flavors might be a little more abstract than their manly jelly bean counterparts but, hey, that’s what works for us.

Manly Jelly Belly Flavors

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Manly Jelly Belly Flavors

(image from if it wasn’t obvious)

Bertie Bott and Beanboozled have nothing on these beans.

Candy Art: How Dracula Eats PEZ

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Dracula Eats Pez Candy

I’ve mentioned before my ongoing search to find cool ways to incorporate my love of candy into my home decor. We’ve found gummi bear lights, candy-themed furniture, candy-inspired pillows, and even chocolate coasters. Now all I need is a print of Count Dracula eating PEZ!

Granted, it’s not Halloween, but seriously, what’s wrong with keeping the spirit of eating candy alive every day on my wall? Especially when it’s the Count in all his PEZ-eating glory. He must be Count Chocula’s brother, since his tastes run on the sweet side. A terribly clever image both in subject matter and artistic execution. I’m sure you’re all screaming “I want it!” along with me.