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Retro Candy Flashback: Fun Dip

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Fun Dip

I am a big believer in the idea that candy should, above all things, be fun. And there is perhaps no candy on earth as fun as the candy with Fun right in its name – the legendary Lik-M-Aid itself: Fun Dip.

If you’ve never had Fun Dip before, you are missing out on one of the greatest candy experiences of all time. There’s nothing particularly fancy or high class about Fun Dip; it’s the kind of candy you fall in love with when you’re in elementary school and never quite grow out of, the kind of candy that is both simple and wonderfully ridiculous, the kind of candy that makes dentists cringe and kids flip out with sugar-induced happiness. Fun Dip is candy at its best: sour, sweet sugar that tastes great and is super fun to eat.

The taste of Fun Dip is extremely similar in taste and texture to that of Pixy Stix. In fact, eating a packet of Fun Dip is a bit like eating a bowl of Pixy Stix sugar, which, I must say, is pretty awesome.

Fun Dip currently comes in three flavors: RazzApple Magic, Cherry-Yum-Diddly, and Grape-Yumptious:

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Candy Review: Love Hearts Dip

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Love Hearts Dip

One day a young Candy Addict is sitting in the playground, eating a pack of Fun Dip. The new girl sits down next to him, takes out her own pack of Fun Dip, and eats hers. Their eyes meet, and then [warp speed] they grow up, get married, and it’s Valentine’s Day. Stuck with either flowers again or chocolate (which would wreak havoc on her hips), our young Candy Addict remembers their Fun Dip days fondly… and buys his young love one of these. Valentine themed Fun Dip… albeit Fun Dip, British style.

Made by the Swizzles-Matlow company, Swizzles Love Hearts Dip is just as teeth achingly sweet, silly and utterly hokey as you would hope it to be. My flavor selection had “Orange Sparkle”, “Tangy Raspberry” and “Zingy Lemon” in it. Unlike the American version, all of these powders are fizzy, not unlike the Love Hearts made by the same company.
So, is the gift a success? Let’s consider each flavor:

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