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Candy Review: Mallow Fries

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Mallow Fries

One of my favorite meals is a plain old hamburger and fries. So when I saw that the Giant Size Mallow Burger was reviewed, I had to go out and try the Mallow Fries. Because what’s a marshmallow burger without any marshmallow fries, right?

At first look, I like the way they are packaged in a typical fry container. Surprisingly, they even look like fast food french fries – wrinkly ones that have been sitting out for a while that we all seem to have the misfortune of getting in our drive-thru bag.

The fry container holds about ten nice-sized marshmallow fries. It also comes with a packet of sour strawberry candy gel that’s supposed to look like – yep, you guessed it – a packet of ketchup.

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