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Candy Review: X-Treme Sour Candy

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X-Treme Sour Candy

Here at Candy Addict, we’ve already determined that when it comes to sour candy, there is sour, and then there is sour. I had pretty much given up my search for anything which would satisfy my sour-deprived taste buds, until I came across X-Treme Sour Candy. It had the picture of someone’s head being blown up, the “Caution: X-Tremely Sour” warning and it even came in a cute little rocket-shaped container.

The thing which made me buy it was actually the health warning, in small print, on the label: “CAUTION: Eating multiple pieces at the same time or within a short time of each other may cause an irritation to sensitive tongues and mouth. This may vary from a slight irritation to a severe reaction depending on the individual.” Yippee! Candy eating as an extreme sport? I’m in! As you can imagine, I wasted no time on these, especially as the flavor mix included cola, strawberry, apple, and blue raspberry.

The candies are individually wrapped, with the color of wrapper relevant to the flavor inside. Each candy is about the size of a nickel – so fairly substantial, really. The first sensation you get is of extreme sourness (similar to a WarHead) – the kind which makes your tongue curl and your hair straighten.

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Candy Review: Trio of Terrible TNT Treats

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TNT Sour Chews

It would seem that my mission – my purpose in Candy Addict-ness – is to find some sour candy which is actually sour. Thus far my efforts seem to bring forth endless rounds of candy which is not quite sour enough or not sour at all.

One thing I’ve learned on this quest is that sour candy labels are not to be trusted. Nor are the pictures on candy labels. Previously, if the label had words like “extreme,” “caution,” “super,” and the picture has someone whose head or ears is blown off, I knew I was in for a good candy eating time. Lately several varieties of candy with those words and pictures have left me disappointed. The TNT products were no exception.

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