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Candy Review Followup: Kai’s Campaign ’08 Candies Bipartisan Set

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Kais Candy Election Bipartisan Candies Set

Caitlin told you about these goofy election candies a few weeks ago, but here’s a quick report that the Bipartisan and Republican Sets are now available. (Candy Addict stands firm in maintaining that candy knows no political party; candy loves red, blue, and purple states; and candy always seeks common ground.)

Now, supposedly the McCain face was undergoing a makeover (hmmmm), and yes, his lollipop face doesn’t look too bad because the eyebrows are pronounced. But take a look at McCain on the little candies in the lower part of the photo above. I’m not sure you can tell, but I coulda sworn that was Casper the Ghost! I’m not saying McCain’s old, but… seriously, when you see one of these in person you’ll think it’s a comic book character of the spectral variety.

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