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Candy Review: Canadian/European Smarties

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smarties tube

As you may or may not know, Smarties in Canada and Europe are totally different than the candy we call Smarties here in the U.S. Ours are pressed-sugar discs (which are called Rockets in other countries) while the Canadian/European Smarties are candy-coated chocolate similar to M&Ms but made by Nestle. I wrote about this before and have been looking forward to trying the chocolate Smarties. I finally got my hands on some thanks to the good folks at Nestle who heard my plea and hooked me up.

The European/Canadian Smarties have a slightly larger circumference than M&Ms and are slightly flatter and the colors are much brighter and seem more fun than M&Ms. They come in red, yellow, orange, green, mauve, pink, brown and blue and, according to the Smarties website, the orange has orange flavoring in the chocolate center though I didn’t notice it myself. (Weird – orange Sixlets are like that too). Their shells also seem a little thicker than M&Ms though I don’t have a micrometer to verify this.

So, how do they taste? Great! They remind me of Cadbury Mini Eggs (which I LOVE). The chocolate has that Cadbury taste to it and the slightly thicker shell just works for me. So, I now have a new favorite candy-coated chocolate candy. Here are my rankings:

Yes, the European/Canadian Smarties are that good and now sit at the top of my list of favorite candy-coated chocolate, bite-sized candies.