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Candy Review: Embittermints

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Embittermints - open

Putting words on candy isn’t a new concept. We’ve already mentioned conversation hearts, personalized M&Ms, and even chocotelegrams. For those who crave something different for their Valentines there’s even BitterSweets, with sayings like “SETTLE 4 LESS” and “PRENUP OKAY?”.

But, you say, those are just for Valentine’s Day. What if I need to send an edgy message after February 14th? Well, maybe Embittermints are for you. With words like “Bite Me” or “You Suck,” Embittermints are, according to the official website, “the perfect gift for sworn enemies, annoying door-to-door solicitors, and anyone who rubs you the wrong way. You can give them to the one you love, or at least the one you used to.” The words are clearly pressed into each mint, so each message comes in loud and clear.

Embittermints - tinI felt kind of weird popping one of these Pez-sized mints (“Idiot,” it read) into my mouth. Giving this to sworn enemies? Did something evil lurk beneath the strong, minty flavor? Would I keel over backwards? Would I be overcome with a sense of terror? But nothing like that happened. They’re pretty much standard mints: not chalky, and similar in texture and flavor to Certs. They’re good, but nothing spectacular.

I really like these mints as a concept, though. Goodness knows there are a lot of mint tins vying for people’s attention already, and Embittermints is unique enough to push past the rest. Get them for your favorite obnoxious individual, but I would first make sure that their sense of humor is still intact… or that you’re three states away when they open the tin.

Embittermints are available for $2.50 per tin at select New York specialty retailers or from the Embittermints website.

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