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Candy Review: Rollito de Coco (Coconut Candy Roll)

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Rollito de Coco

I was feeling adventurous this past week. Sure, there were a bunch of candies on my to-buy list that I had on my mind heading into my local H.E.B., but my spontaneity got the better of me. I craved something different and unexpected.

How does that translate into candy? Well, I decided to peruse the foreign candy aisle. My last experience with this section of the supermarket yielded a review of Vero Mango. It was very unlike any other candy I had tasted recently, and so my urge to sample another Mexican product needed to be placated.

There were many different items tempting me, but in the interest of exploring candy flavors I do not usually consume, I browsed for ingredients not typically common in many mainstream, American products.

What did my eyes finally land on? Rollito de Coco (Coconut Candy Roll) by El Azteca. I was intrigued by this cigar-shaped candy, and coconut, though present in the American confectionery world, is rather sporadic in its appearance, usually relegated to a vast assortment of ingredients. But here was a candy dedicated specifically to the coconut.

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