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Chocolate-Dipped Altoids on eBay

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Chocolate-Dipped Altoids

UPDATE: Read our review of these here!

Just 12 days ago, we mentioned the announcement of the Chocolate-Dipped Altoids (coming before the end of the year). Two days ago I get an email from someone saying they have some for auction on eBay. Ever the skeptic, I asked who the seller was and how they obtained them. Turns out the seller is an Altoids employee and the proceeds are going to charity (The American Red Cross – which my wife works for) so I am inclined to believe the seller. I even made the first bid on them (I’m pipa).

As of this writing, the bidding is up to $172.51, which although the money is going to charity, I just don’t understand. If they were in special tins, or the tins were signed by someone famous, or the tins were numbered 001 or something, I could understand it since they might increase in value. As far as I can tell though, these are the same items that will be on store shelves by the end of the year. If you REALLY want to try them you could easily make your own chocolate-dipped Altoids (just without the tin). Maybe Golden Palace will buy them for a bunch of money and The Red Cross will get a ton of money from it.

UPDATE: the three tins of Altoids sold for $182.49

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eBay weirdness: OLD Nestle’s Crunch – intact!

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ebay Nestle Crunch

UPDATE: Looks like the auction was cancelled. At least you can see the bar in the picture (above) that I grabbed. –Brian

Found on ebay – an OLD Nestle’s Crunch bar. From the description:

Found in old house under cabinet a nestles crunch candy bar , The wrapper is not tore or eaten by rats bugs ect. Only slight color loss from age.The candy bar is fully intact not broken. Its as if the cabinet installer dropped his candy bar and forgot about it. the bar is intact not broken or opened. The wrapper has origional 10 cent price printed on wrapper. I dont know exact age only i cant find anybody who can remember when candy bars were 10 cents.

My favorite line is “i cant find anybody who can remember when candy bars were 10 cents.” That, and the fact that he stresses it’s “intact” multiple times. Currently bidding is at $3.25 and it ends in about 4 days. The reserve hasn’t been met – I wonder what the reserve is? I’m not sure what the going rate is for a 30/45/60 year old “intact” candy bar is.

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eBay Wackiness: Indiana-shaped Nerd and other oddities

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Indiana Nerd

Indiana Map
The Nerd and the map side-by-side. The similarities are uncanny!

Here is a hilarious ebay auction for a Wonka Nerd shaped liked the state of Indiana. From the auction:

OH MY GOSH! I was just munchin down a box of nerd candy and guess what I found. A HUGE NERD SHAPED LIKE INDIANA. Check out the pictures. Now the funny part is that, Indiana is where my Dad grew up. And, me and my family just spent 3 whole weeks there this summer. Is that bizarre or what. REMEMBER you are bidding on the pink NERD CANDY SHAPED LIKE INDIANA, NOT ME, THE NERD IN THE HAT.

Unfortunately, the auction has ended with zero bids, though last time it was listed it ended at $4.25 with 2 bids and the reserve wasn’t met – I wonder what the reserve is. I guess there just isn’t much interest in candy shaped like states. Now if it had been shaped like a celebrity like maybe…Idunno…Heidi, the bids would have come flying in!

eBay auction for an Indiana-shaped Nerd [via]

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