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Easter Candy Giveaway: Pastel M&M’s!

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Easter Yellow M&M

Easter is just around the corner, and while Candy Addict is still experiencing growing pains, we’re still here to celebrate the season and offer you great giveaways! Our 3 Musketeers Giveaway is still swinging, and now we’ve got a fabulous M&M’s giveaway to add to the fun!

This time around, we’re asking readers to leave a comment with their favorite Easter candy memory. We’ll pick our two favorite memories and one random entry to win two bags of Easter pastel M&M’s! As always, there are a few rules: Only one entry per email address. You must be over the age of 18 and live in the Lower 48 (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). If we don’t receive a response to your emailed winning notification within two days we will pick another winner. Contest is open from Friday, March 20 until midnight April 5, 2009.

Don’t forget to check out M&M’s Hunt for Yellow Easter Contest. You could win $25,000!

The Great Easter Sale Jellybean Review Roundup

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Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans

Easter has come and gone, but in the sale aisle of your favorite store it is still alive and well. All Candy Addicts know this magical time of year: the Easter candy sales! I of course was armed and ready for the big day. I mean really, how can you resist an activity that allows you the thrill of the easter egg hunt, the control of the Easter Bunny, and the sweet reward of the Easter basket all in one go? Get thee to the sale aisle!

I went with a plan of action this year. Normally, I just scout for my favorites and get the stockpile ready in my secret candy bunker, but I decided to go with a different plan this year. I still felt the need for something new. I immediately zeroed in on the idea of jelly beans. Why? Well, when you think about it, how can you go wrong with jelly beans? So I decided to pick up a bag of any of the different types I could find.

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Candy Showdown: Cadbury Mini Eggs vs. M&M’s

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M&M's vs. Cadbury: Who Will Prevail?
In these turbulent times, not everyone has the time or inclination to contemplate the meaningful questions in life. There are just some questions that may be so complex, the average person just doesn’t want to take the time and form his own fundamental beliefs. We here at Candy Addict understand this, though, and so we’re going to lay it all out for you, and make these tough personal choices possible. Which is better: Cadbury Mini Eggs or M&M’s? Some may shy away from delving into this potentially explosive topic, but Candy Addict is not afraid. After all, to paraphrase the famous candy philosopher, Socrates, “The unexamined candy is not worth eating.”

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Easter Candy Review: See’s Candies Scotchmallow Eggs

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See's Scotchmallow Eggs

Every human being, I conjecture, has an area (or two, or a handful) of expertise – fields in which he shines, topics about which she possesses unparalleled knowledge. For me, these areas include ladies’ figure skating from 1994 through 2006, the television show Friends, and the makings of a perfect Easter basket. Free marshmallow Peeps to anyone who can guess which will be explored here.

As a Communications/Chocolate Studies double major (ah, if only…) and author of a highly regarded list detailing the essential Easter basket treats, I’ve seen my share. You can imagine, then, the way my world was rocked upon my recent discovery of a creation so delicious that it makes me regret every single holiday I have celebrated without it. This transcendent treat is See’s Candies Scotchmallow Egg and it is an Easter candy for which I (the Easter Bunny’s mistress herself) would abandon all other Easter candy.

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Easter Candy Recipe: Mini Cadbury Creme Egg Muffins

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Photo courtesy of Baking Bites
Cadbury Creme Egg Muffin

I was reading through my roster of food blogs the other day when I came upon a recipe for Cadbury Creme Egg Muffins at Baking Bites. These are muffins with mini Cadbury Creme Eggs baked in the centers! I have to say it is totally ingenious to use a muffin recipe. After all, Cadbury Creme Eggs are about as sweet and sugary as you can get, so the pairing of the sweet candy eggs with a nice vanilla muffin is ideal. If you want to make something extra special this Easter, I bet this would be an awesome treat!

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