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Candy Review: Yummy Earth Organic Candy

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Yummy Earth Organic Candy Drops

I’m not a stranger to “healthy” candy, nor are my views on it anything but direct: there really isn’t such a thing. So if you’re looking for a candy that’s going to be something I recommend you add to your diet, you can stop reading now.

That said, I do believe there is a difference between candy and candy that is better for you. And with childhood obesity on the rise, more and more parents are looking for these sorts of confectionery avenues. Kids are always going to want to eat sweets, so you might as well buy them the ones that are not as hard on their bodies.

Recently, I have reviewed products from companies that share this vision for candy, namely from Surf Sweets and BrightSpot, so it’s not all that surprising to hear of more and more companies adopting this mantra. The latest comes from Yummy Earth, who proudly boast a tagline that their candy is “The best stuff on earth.” Hmm… Snapple anyone?

The idea for this company is steeped in genuine love of both candy and children; the founders are two fathers who teamed up develop a candy for their children that didn’t rely on all the additives, preservatives, etc. that are common in most American candy.

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Candy Review: Licorice Bridge Mix

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Bridge Mix

One of my favorite licorice indulgences has always been Bridge Mix. When I opened this month’s Black and Red Licorice of the Month Club‘s package, I was thrilled to find a nice little bag of Bridge Mix waiting for me.

Now, I’ve never quite understood why this fun mix of various licorice candies is called a “Bridge” Mix. Does it involve the card game enjoyed by little old ladies worldwide, or does it have to do with the structure of the same name? If you know, tell us in the comments!

Despite the mystery of the name, Bridge Mix is a wonderful way to enjoy different flavors and strengths of licorice in one convenient package. There are four different types of candies included – little pastel colored candy coated licorice bits, something that resembles a licorice button in white and black (and occasionally red), small black jellybeans, and drops coated with a multicolored mix of sugar balls.

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