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Warm up with Red Hots cider this fall

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Red Hots

Nothing screams autumn like a steaming cup of sweet, spicy cider on a crisp, chilly evening. Luckily for Candy Addicts, there’s a way for you to get both a cider fix and a candy fix at the same time with Red Hots cider. You don’t even need to measure anything.

Photo by djking
Red Hots Cider

Here’s how you do it:

Pour a jug of store-bought apple cider into a crock pot. Add a bag of Red Hots (a big bag if you’re craving something extra sweet and spicy, or a smaller amount if you want something more mellow). Let it heat slowly throughout the day, stirring occasionally to help the candies dissolve into the juice. This has the awesome side effect of filling your entire home with the cinnamon-infused scent of Red Hots – it’s better than any candle!

If you’re feeling adventurous, expand the recipe by tossing in some of your favorite cider additives, like sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks and cloves – get as creative as you’d like. And if you’re a Candy Addict who’s of age, spike it with the rum of your choice.

There’s no better way to cap off a chill autumn evening!

Buy Red Hots online:

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Bubble Yum Soda

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Bubble Yum Soda
(photo by Flickr user Look In The Tunk

Thanks go to a reader and blogger named David for this one. He told me that in a visit to his local 7-11 he found Bubble Yum Soda. It comes in Original (Bubble Gum) and Sour Cherry flavors. David tried the Sour Cherry and said it was “surprisingly tasty”. I did some poking around online and found out that this soda is a 7-11 exclusive and that there was a Bubble Yum soda back in the 80s (I don’t remember it).

Anybody tried this? I may have to try and stop by a 7-11 to grab these to give them a try.

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