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Candy Review: Dove Dark Chocolate Large Tablet Bar

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Dove Dark Chocolate Tablet Bar

Once again, my cash fell prey to an addiction to candy that says “new” on the label. This time, the Dove Dark Chocolate Large Tablet Bar made it into my shopping basket. I haven’t found these large bars for sale on the internet yet, but surely it’s just a matter of time before online sellers add the bars to their Dove collection.

The wrapper claims three servings per bar, and I concur, although I ate two of the three. Like most high-quality dark chocolate, the bar melted easily. It tasted quite good—a lot like the chocolate coating on the original Dove ice cream bars. In general, I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate, but the Dove bar is definitely worth eating again. My only real complaint is the ice cream craving it left with me. The bar is scored into small rectangles, each with a “D” in the center. I assume the idea is to break off pieces to share, and also the source of “Tablet” in the product description. I tried to break along the lines and got a clean cut about half the time.

The process of forming Dove’s dark chocolate is definitely not a quick one, and may be responsible for the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. Here’s what the company says:

After carefully roasting the beans and milling them into a super fine texture, we gently fold our cocoa butter with the beans to create a luscious cocoa liquor. The dark and haunting cocoa liquor is then poured through the time honored traditional sea shell, known as a conche. This refines the flavor and ensures an even smoother and silkier texture.

The large tablet bars come in three varieties: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate with almonds. The bar with almonds is the heaviest, weighing in at .14oz larger than its counterparts. I’d like to try the other two tablet bars, and now that fall is here, I might make Dove s’mores over a campfire. After all, the manufacturers say “DOVE® Dark Chocolate Large Bars are perfect for multiple occasions, including everyday indulgence, baking/cooking, dessert and “anywhere” enjoyment.”

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