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Candy Review: IKEA Candy: Raspberry Boats and Daim

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IKEA Rasberry Boats Package

Due to a recent relocation of my place of residence I had the opportunity to go furniture shopping at IKEA. It had been a good amount of time since I had been there and I was thrilled to find candy waiting for me at their small food shop past the registers. There were lots of different things to choose from, but I finally decided on a package of red licorice Raspberry Boats and some Daim.

IKEA Rasberry Boats

Raspberry Boats: These candies are a very bright pink/red color that matches the package they come in. I don’t quite understand why they’re called boats, since their shape doesn’t resemble boats at all. They’re more like strange polygons or deformed bananas. The “boats” have a smooth feel to them in your hand and their texture in the mouth is just perfect – not too hard, not too soft. Flavorwise, I have been lied to though. They do not taste of raspberry! The flavor instead is a “strange plant/perfumey pink taste”, if that makes any sense. Yuck. Next time, I’ll pass. I could barely finish the package’s recommended serving size.


Daim: With its bright red package and bold lettering, I had high hopes for this one. “Crunchy Caramel” is the description written proudly on the package exterior. When I bit into my first piece I wasn’t expecting my crunchy caramel to be toffee! Yup, that’s what it is. Granted, it’s a wonderfully smooth, slightly smoky, and delicious toffee. Still, I was expecting caramel! Upon closer inspection there’s also almond slivers in the toffee, which partly explains why it’s so extra flavorful. The milk chocolate covering is pleasant and provides a nice foundation for the toffee, which is clearly the star. Daim is perfect if you’ve ever had a craving for baby Skor Bars.

I’m not sure when I’ll be going back to IKEA myself, but I hope I have armed you with a little information so you can make wise candy choices there. Avoid the red licorice, head for the Daim and (of course) the Swedish Fish!

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