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Candy Review: U Oughtta Be On Chocolates

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U Oughtta be on Chocolates

What’s better than chocolate? My face on chocolate! Or your Grandma, favorite pet, or company logo on chocolate. U Ougghta be on Chocolates is just the company to make that happen. The nice folks who run the company took a few of my cherished photos and presto magic- they’re now 100% edible! They look great -even better than in my photos here- and made a great impression with my extended family who was delighted by it. We talked about how my Grandma never would have imagined she’d ever see herself on a chocolate one day. I think I was the favorite grand-kid that day! Grandma on chocolate

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Personalized M&Ms

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Custom MMs

Did you know you can order custom printed M&M’s? Well, you can! Just drop by the site and come up with a message or two that span 2 lines, 8 characters per line. Unfortunately, they are very strict about what gets put on the candy. When I tried the phrase “Candy Addict” I got this mesage:

M&M’S Brand will not print any foul or questionable language on your M&M’S Chocolate Candies.

Please enter a different message.

It wouldn’t even take “Add1ct” (with a ONE instead of an I). They must have a HUGE list of words and word variations it won’t allow. It’s fun to try and beat the censor and get it to allow something “foul or questionable”. It did let me put “MMs Suck” (as seen in the image above) though. I can’t believe it allows the word “suck”. Wait… I see – if you put MMs Suck on two lines it rejects it, but all on one line it takes the word “suck”. Hehe.

Post in the comments any “foul or questionable” phrases you were able to sneak by the M&M censors! (Yes, it’s childish, but who cares – this is a site about candy for goodness sake!)