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Skittles Prom Dress

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(photo from Theperilouspopsicle)

Making your own prom dress can go one of two ways: you can end up with a Pepto-Bismol trapezoid with sleeves and a lace doily collar, ala Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, or you might end up with a rainbow-inspired prom dress like the one designed by Theperilouspopsicle, a poster on – a killer candy frock made entirely out of Skittles wrappers.

She claims that it took 15 hours and 101 Skittles wrappers to complete her creation. Apparently, she only likes red Skittles, but luckily her friends were around to help her polish off the other colors in the Skittles rainbow. She also received wrappers from strangers after posting an ad on Craigslist. Candy Addict teamwork!

Have any of you ever seen any prom dresses made out of candy wrappers? If you could design your own, what would it look like? I’d love to try making one, but my prom days are long gone, and I don’t think Atomic Fireball wrappers are really appropriate evening wear material.

Thankfully, there are creative Candy Addicts like Theperilouspopsicle out there to design these candy couture wonders for us. In her post, she says that the Skittles prom dress “looks rather epic on”, and I have no doubt that it does. Anything made with this much love (and this much candy!) has got to be beautiful.

Candy Craft Projects

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Heart Tacks

I stumbled on some DIY candy-related projects tonight:

  • Heart Tacks: make heart tacks out of Necco Conversation Hearts. I wonder what other candies it would work with?
  • Candy Tin Candles: use those old candy tins to make your own candles. (also see Things to do with Altoids Tins)
  • Candy Trains: (scroll to the bottom) This doesn’t actually show you how to make them, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how to do it. You put candies (in the wrapper) together to make candy trains.

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