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Candy Review: Carnival Skittles

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Carnival Skittles Package
One of the newest limited edition candies on the block are the Carnival Skittles. They immediately stand out in their playful yellow wrapper amongst all the other candies and I was lucky enough to find them in a convenience store that is close to where I work.

The package happily displays the flavors of a “carnival”: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Green Slushie, Candy Apple, and Red Licorice. The smell of the opened package is very sweet and fruity and it’s hard to distinguish any of the flavors in the aroma. The candies are really pretty; whoever chose the colors did a great job with the color palette.

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Candy Review: Disney Marshmallow Treats

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Editor’s note: This review was written and submitted by a reader named Jenny! Thanks, Jenny, for the great review!

I remember when I was a kid and the prospect of getting my favorite candies – only in pastel – along with a lot of jelly beans that I would only have to pick the black ones out of was so thrilling I could hardly contain myself. It was the penultimate if I got one of those bird’s nest things, you know, the green chocolate-covered coconut rounds with three jelly beans (eggs) in the middle? Then as the years went by I got bored with the same old pink and yellow Peeps and jelly beans that started arriving in stores too hard to eat by the time they got there (and besides that, except for the generic brands, they never have lime! Green is always apple or melon! What’s up with that?).

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Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion

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Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

Cotton candy and Pop Rocks. The combination seems kind of weird at first. On the one hand, you’ve got your cotton candy. It’s sugary and wispy and fluffy, and it melts the moment it hits your tongue. When a handful of Pop Rocks hits your tongue, you definitely know it by the way it crackles and fizzes. Come to think of it, cotton candy and Pop Rocks aren’t too different from each other. Experiencing both has a lot to do with texture and sensation as well as flavor. So I guess the combo isn’t so weird after all.

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion is a limited edition flavor (aren’t the new ones all available for a limited time only these days?) set to hit the shelves this month. Unfortunately, they’re so new that I haven’t had any luck finding them online, so they may or may not be at stores yet. I think I’ll pick up a packet or two if I find them!

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Cotton Candy Mike and Ike

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Cotton Candy Mike and Ike
(Photo from The Candy Critic)

We had a forum post recently from someone named jedwards15 asking for help in locating Cotton Candy Mike and Ike:

help…i cant find a candy ANYWHERE!!
I really need your help…and after seeing your site, I feel your the right guy for my question. I NEED to find cotton candy Mike and Ikes. Please tell me you know of this awesome candy, and where I can maybe buy it..??
Thanks soooo much

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