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Candy Review: Nestle Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch

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Nestle Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch

Of all the Nestle chocolate bars that aren’t available in the United States, the most popular has got to be Coffee Crisp. With legions of fans around the world, it was about time for Canada’s favorite chocolate-coated-wafer-bar-with-coffee-in-its-name-that-doesn’t-really-taste-like-coffee to get a special edition of its own. Hence, the Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch Bar.

Now, for a bar that was already known for being crunchy and chocolatey, this seems like an odd concept for a special edition. At first glance, the main difference between this and the original is the shape – while the original is a thick rectangle with every side the same width, the new bar seems to have been flattened into a thinner, wider, more “traditional” chocolate-bar shape.

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Candy Review: Nestle’s Coffee Crisp

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Coffee Crisp Package

Nestle’s Coffee Crisp is a bar that has a very dedicated fan base. When I first heard of it, it was though an online petition that was demanding it’s distribution back in the United States. I found it recently on the shelf at a convenience store I happened to be in, and I couldn’t help but wonder what all the hype was about.

It is described as a coffee center surrounded by light wafers and covered in milk chocolate. Sounds harmless enough, right? Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready quite for what I was about to taste.

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New products from Nestle (and Wonka) – Wonkazoid, Squeez, Berry Nerds, and more

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New Nestle Products
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Nestle will be introducing 3 new products at the All Candy Expo – Wonkazoid, Squeez, and Berry Nerds. Wonkazoid is an electronic game/dispenser pack which comes in four varieties: SweeTarts Oompa Candy Flip, Nerds Hockey, Shockers Shockball Showdown, and Nerds Freeze Tag. Wonkazoids will retail for about $9-$10. SweeTarts Squeez is a sweet and tart taste in a fun, squeezable tube in 2 flavors: Wild Cherry and Green Apple and retails for about $1.65.

Nestle will also be releasing Dark Chocolate Raisinets (YUM!) , Coffee Crisp, and under their PowerBar line … Nut Naturals. Coffee Crisp is popular in Canada and will now also be sold in the U.S. Coffee Crisp “balances the taste of coffee with a delicious chocolate coating that is delivered on light crispy wafers”. Sounds good to me!

UPDATE: We’re getting a lot of people trying to find where to buy Wonkazoids. I have seen them locally in a number of places: near the checkout at a grocery store, at my local Blockbuster, and yesterday while Christmas shopping I saw them at Limited Too at the mall. They are out there – just keep looking!

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