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Candy Review: Twizzlers Sweet and Sour Filled Twists

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Twizzlers Sweet and Sour

The last few Twizzler spin-offs haven’t really been anything special for me. Despite the popularity of the cinnamon variety, they just weren’t my thing. The same holds true for the less popular Rainbow Twizzlers. Actually, I don’t really care for any Twizzlers that aren’t the strawberry or cherry flavors.

At the All Candy Expo, I was given a complimentary tote bag to lug around all the goodies I would be receiving, and it happened to be already filled by an assortment of products, including those donated by Hershey’s. I guess they were trying really hard to make sure no one in press missed any of their new products.

It wasn’t until I began cataloging my hoard that I even noticed the red and yellow Twizzlers in my bag. “New Twizzlers Sweet and Sour Filled Twists” the wrapper advertised. I wouldn’t have every picked these up at a store, but since I was given them it couldn’t hurt to try them.

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Candy Review: Squiggles

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Sun-Rype Squiggles

My local grocery store just began carrying a new fruit candy by Sun-Rype called Squiggles. They profess to be 100% fruit twists – implying that the Squiggles are healthy, not just yummy. To me, something called a “Squiggle” just looked fun so I grabbed a couple.

First up, I tried the strawberry. The moment I opened the package I was hit with a strawberry jam smell that made my mouth start watering. The Squiggle was really sticky, so I decided to keep it partially wrapped in the packaging while I sampled it.

I’ve gotta say the strawberry Squiggle was a huge hit for me. It was slightly tart, just like real strawberries, and bursting with a great, complex, real strawberry flavor. I even liked the texture, which is very firm. I thought it was going to be more like a gummi worm but it’s much firmer than any fruit or gummi candy I’ve had before.

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Candy Review: Archie McPhee Bubble Gum Cigarettes

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Archie McPhee bubble gum cigarettes

I fondly recall candy cigarettes, both the gum and the chocolate versions, but I now wonder if it was some sort of ploy by the cigarette manufacturers to attract future users. Well, no matter! That was then, and this is now, and NOW there are wacky bubble gum cigarettes in interesting flavors from Archie McPhee.

I received four packs to review: Roller Derby (cherry-flavored bubble gum cigarettes), Captain Black’s Pirate (citrus-flavored bubble gum cigarettes), Hobo (campfire coffee bubble gum cigarettes), and El Diablo (cinnamon-flavored bubble gum cigarillos). Each box contains 12 pieces. The boxes, as you can see, sport appealing and quirky designs.

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Candy Review: Meiji Kaon Gummi

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Kaon Gummi Package

Gummi candies are all the rage in Japan right now. The summer heat has not yet dissipated, so to eat chocolate or anything temperature-sensitive is difficult. Gummi candies are the perfect solution when you need your sugar fix and the temperatures aren’t cooperating. was kind enough to send me samples of Meiji’s Kaon, a currently popular gummi candy.

The real lure of Kaon (the “ka” stands for fruit) is that there are real bits of fruit in there for a real fruity taste, which I definitely picked up on when I tried these. The Berry Mix has the flavors of strawberry, blueberry and cassis and the Citrus Mix has tangerine, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and mango. Yum! The design of the bag is also beautiful and very eye-catching (something I think is very important!) not to mention useful; it has a resealable top so you can put half away to eat later.

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