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Choxie – the Chocolate with Moxie

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Choxie - Hot Chocolate
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On the day before Halloween, my family and I took a trip down to our local Target. My reasons for going were twofold:

  1. Buy some Candy Corn Soda
  2. Buy some Choxie

Unfortunately, they were all sold out of the Candy Corn Soda, though they had a few of the other flavors. I really wanted the candy corn flavor so I passed on the others.

So, Choxie – I assume everyone has heard of Choxie by now – it’s the new chocolate candy line made exclusively by and for Target. It’s “The Chocolate with moxie.” I’ve seen the Target commercials (which are always a little weird) and the commercials give no specifics and Choxie is mysteriously absent from the Target website. I did a DNS lookup and Target also owns the domain but there is nothing there as of this writing. It’s like they own Choxie, but are ashamed of it or something.

Once I found the Choxie at Target (and they have a huge variety of types/flavors), I noticed something else odd – all the prices were marked down – some from $5 to $4 and some from $5 to $2. These didn’t look like sale prices, but permanent pricing markdows. If they just released these candies, why are they marking them down already?

I decided to get the 2.5 oz Hot Chocolate bar described on the pakage as “deep, dark truffled chocolate with chipotle chili heat”. It contains dark chocolate with cinnamon, ginger, and chipotle and cost me $1.80. My wife loves truffles so she chose the truffle sampler – 7 truffles (3.28 oz) for $5.

Choxie - Hot Chocolate
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I tried the Hot Chocolate bar the other day and was not impresssed. I could barely taste the “hot” in the bar. Maybe it’s just me – I love spicy foods so I was expecting more of a “kick” from it. I’ve never had spicy chocolate so I don’t know if that is typical of spicy chocolate or not. My wife has now had two of her truffles – one labelled “Champagne” and the other was “Tiramisu”. She said the Champagne was just OK and the Tiramisu was pretrty good. I’ll post her review of all the truffles once she finishes them.

So far, Choxie has failed to impress me. I will give them credit though – the designs and colors on the packaging are beautiful, but looks aren’t everything.