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Candy Review: Hershey’s Caramello

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Hershey’s Caramello Bar

Cadbury is a renowned English chocolatier founded in the 19th century, but Hershey’s is licensed to manufacture its candy available in the USA. Today I saw this bar and wanted to compare it to another recent bar I tasted and reviewed from Hershey’s: the Kit Kat Caramel bar. I hope that this candy has a better caramel to chocolate ratio. I also want to see how it compares to an even closer cousin, the Rolo.

A Caramello bar is composed of four milk chocolate squares filled with liquid caramel. As such, it’s one of the messier bars to tackle unless you 1) break off the squares carefully, and 2) pop an entire one in your mouth.

Okay, I’ve done the two steps successfully. Does the taste of this classic bar hold up?

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