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Candy Press Release: Bonomo Turkish Taffy To Be Distrubuted By Classic Caramel

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Bonomo Turkish Taffy


CAMP HILL, PA Classic Caramel, LLC is pleased to announce that is has signed agreements with Bonomo Turkish Taffy®, LLC to manufacture and be the master distributor to the retail trade for Bonomo®.

Bonomo®, one of the great nostalgic candy brands, has not been commercially manufactured or sold since the mid 1980’s. Bonomo® was a true national brand in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The company’s tagline, “Smack it Crack It!”, was realized by consumers as they smacked the taffy against a hard surface and ate the pieces off the wrapper.

The original formulation, manufacturing process, and even the original flavors have been resurrected. “In taste testing, the comments from those that remember the bar have been very complimentary, ‘just like they remembered it’ is the frequent comment” says Ken Wiesen, President and Co-CEO of Bonomo®.

“Bonomo® is truly a revered old fashioned candy brand with a unique taste and formulation that currently does not exist in the market. Classic Caramel is thrilled that this brand is joining our family of other nostalgic brands, Slo Poke®, BB Bats®, Kits®, & Flipsticks™. We look forward to bringing this favorite candy back to its loyal fans and to create a whole new generation of Bonomo Turkish Taffy lovers”, commented Richard Warrell, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Bonomo will be available in its original bar format, as well as bite size individually wrapped pieces. The bite size pieces will be available in an assorted change maker tub as well as straight flavor bulk. Product will be available for shipment July 2010.

Classic Caramel is a caramel, taffy, chew, and nougat manufacturer with its plant located in York, PA. The company markets nostalgic branded merchandise, such as Bonomo Turkish Taffy®, Slo Poke®, BB Bats®, Kits®, & Flipsticks™ to retail trade. In addition, the company has an extensive base of ingredient, private label, bulk, and contract manufacturing customers. Classic Caramel is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Warrell Corporation, based in Camp Hill, PA.

Candy Review: Edward Marc Gourmet Chocolates and Pretzels

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Edward Marc candy boxes

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

Looking for a gorgeous chocolate gift? Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, Edward Marc has some lovely goodies to share with you. I recently received of a box of Edward Marc gourmet assorted chocolates and a box of chocolate peanut butter pretzels to review.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It’s very classy and elegant, without being stuffy. My immediate thought was “Ooh, this would make a nice gift!” When I opened the box of chocolates, I was delighted to see that the inside was even prettier than the outside.

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Candy review: Derry Church Artisan Chocolates

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Derry Church Artisan Chocolates

Another box of filled chocolates to sample! You guys have no idea how hard I work for you. Derry Church Artisan Chocolates have a schtick which is kind of cute, where each one is named after a city and is flavored with stuff that at least sort of has something to do with the place they are named after. They also have some flavors that I can pretty much guarantee you have never encountered, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes very much not so good at all.

San Fran – black mission figs. Good dark chocolate. Just a hint of figs really but it’s enough. It’s a good combination.

London – butter toffee and crushed almonds. I picked this up and said to my assistant “I don’t like toffee, you can have this one,” and took a little bite. And then finished the whole piece. (Don’t worry, there were two, he got the other.) Nice and buttery and not the kind that sticks in your teeth. They need to make a whole big bar of this.

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Candy Review: Aequare Ecuadorian Single Origin Chocolate

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Aequare Chocolate
Aequare chocolates have an interesting story about the chef who started the company and how they’re single origin Ecuadorian chocolate and ingredients and blah blah. You can read their website for all that. What you came here to read is how they taste, right?

When asked if I wanted a sample of these to review, I checked them out and the answer was an immediate HECK YES. This is definitely my kind of thing. On the other hand, that means I’m a tough customer. Like, to start, I was not all that excited about the Dark Chocolate Cocoa Beans, because I don’t really see any reason to eat cocoa beans. I mean, there must be a reason that humanity invented the elaborate processes that turn them into chocolate, right?

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Candy Review: Mitchell Sweets Vanilla and Chocolate Caramel Marshmallows

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Hammonds Marshmallows

I seriously love marshmallows. Maybe it’s their association with summer and autumn campfires, hot cocoa, and Rice Krispie squares. Or maybe it’s just their incredibly light, fluffy, gooey texture and delicious vanilla flavor. (Though “vanilla” is often used as a shorthand for “boring,” is there honestly anyone who doesn’t like the flavor?)

So I was totally jazzed to discover Mitchell Sweets All Natural Chocolate and Vanilla caramel-coated marshmallows at Hammond’s Candies’ All Candy Expo booth – one of the nicest-looking booths at the show, I might add – alongside an array of gorgeous handmade candy canes and lollipops. Because if there’s one thing I love more than marshmallows, it’s caramel. And chocolate. (OK, that’s two things.)

Individually wrapped in waxed paper, the rectangular marshmallows have a chunky, rustic look, bearing borders of vanilla and chocolate-flavored caramel respectively. They have the appearance of having been cut from a big log of caramel-coated marshmallow (and if you can think of a stickier, messier job than coating a log of gooey marshmallow in hot, sticky caramel, I’d like to hear it). The ingredient list is pretty simple, but not as simple as you’d expect from something bearing the name “all natural” (which, admittedly, doesn’t mean an awful lot these days). Are coconut oil, corn syrup, and invert sugar “natural” products? For that matter, is gelatin? Regular sugar? Who knows?

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