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Retro Candy Flashback: Caramel Creams (Bulls Eye)

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Goezte Caramel Creams Bag

There are certain names you associate with candy. Hershey? Yes. Reese’s? Yes. Goetze? Probably not. Despite their seemingly unknown name in the candy world, you most likely have seen their products, you just didn’t know they made them.

As a company now in its fifth generation of family ownership, Goetze produces only one candy. Caramel Creams. From that product alone, they offer several flavor varieties and the spin-off version called Cow Tales.

One of those cooler perks about my job (my non-candy day job) is that I am constantly making deliveries to various businesses downtown. And though it’s always interesting to see how corporate America decorates its offices, what is more fun is that there is more likely than not a candy dish sitting at the receptionist’s desk.

A law firm up on 9th St. is a regular customer of ours, and they always have a bowl of Caramel Creams waiting for me. So on my most recent delivery, I grabbed a handful (or three) of these babies. When the receptionist gave me a crooked look for taking so many, I explained it was necessary for research purposes.

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